By default the scripting language used by LoadRunner is C. If there are any Java based applications recorded. To illustrate LoadRunner as a solution for load testing, this tutorial uses You use VuGen (LoadRunner’s Virtual User Generator) to create Vuser scripts. VuGen. Free HP LoadRunner Training Tutorials – LoadRunner load testing tool Online Day #5 Tutorial: VUGen Runtime Settings (Duration: ).

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Each Web request will be recorded as a web Loafrunner. Step 2 Once the protocol advisor link is clicked, the following screen will be shown to the user.

This frame offers various settings related to HTTP binding. Hence no matter how many users hit the application at one time, this page should always load within that defined time loadrunjer.

There are other options such as the maximum lines of code that can be used in the Action File. Making a choice out of single protocol script or Multiple protocol script from the left pane of the dialog box: Application Manager — This is the project manager who is in charge of the application. Choose the option to record immediately Finally click the Start Recording button to start the recording process. In the next topic, we will learn how to download and loadrunnsr LoadRunner.

Click the right-pointing arrow to move the selection into the Selected Protocols list. In the Controller you can design the loaerunner scenarios which will actually run against the application. Specify the starting URL address.


Once you stop the recording process, the script will be shown in the IDE as shown below. Once you have executed the entire business scenario for the Web Tours application you tutorual stop the recording process.

Once the script is recorded, reply the script to ensure its working right. Step 4 Click the Recording button which you can find in the toolbar.

Switch to Action or create a new Action and continue recording. Send your email to: Below is the normal process followed when developing any load testing script. With these different mix of scenarios and users, it would give an ideal situation to see how the application behaves under various scenarios and user loads. The Controller can also be used to monitor the performance of each business transaction during the execution of the test. This user activity is multiplied with the help of running virtual users in parallel.

HP Loadrunner Tutorial for Beginners

Expand the node and select the desired protocols. This information is loaddunner for some specific applications requiring us to specify a working directory. This is a key input.

To playback a particular script, just click on the playback button. This icon would be there after the installation of all the LoadRunner components.

LoadRunner Online Training

Protocols The active protocols being used in the script will be displayed here. Connect the scripts to the test data. Hence when the load test is running, ensure that the right monitoring tools on the servers are running. Define the performance Metrics which will be monitored Apart from the graphs which will be generated by Load runner, you would also need to monitor the servers which are hosting the application.


VUGen will create one. Its recommended to leave both boxes checked so that the scan is asynchronous and dynamics values are correlated during automatically during code generation.

Secondly only if you are expecting a concurrent user load of 10 or more users should you ideally conduct a load test. For example, we can create a transaction checkpoint just for the login part of the application.

Introduction to Virtual User Generator – VuGen Tutorial – Set Skill

Once the entire script is run, you will be able to see the test results. The LoadRunner tugorial a performance testing tool which was initially designed by the company Mercury Interactive. The protocol advisor may not always be accurate so its best to use verify the protocol to be used from the application development team or other experts. A floating bar, somewhat similar to the record time floating bar will appear. Ensure the right stakeholders are in place.

Vusers emulate the actions of human users working on your system. Please note, as long as the recording remains paused, all events being fired by the application will be disregarded.