·Output current in excess of A. ·Output voltage of 12V. ·Internal thermal overload protection. ·Output transition Safe-Area compensation. ABSOLUTE. The L series of three-terminal positive regulators is available in TO, TO- FP, TO-3 and D2PAK packages and several fixed output voltages, making it. LM datasheet, LM pdf, LM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, BayLinear, A Positive Voltage Regulator.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyDatashset Policyand our Terms of Service. LM voltage regulator is recommended to be used with decoupling capacitors at its input and output as in the below diagram:.

But another manufacturer Texas Instruments have different C1 recommendation on their datasheet which is 0.

lm78xx – LM and decoupling capacitor value – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

For C1, can I use these three caps in parallel as their sum is 0. From Texas Instruments datasheet:. If the device is more than six inches from the input filter capacitors, an input bypass capacitor, 0. Although all the circuits in Fairchild data sheet show 0. As the TI datasheet says 0. Better than 3 capacitors in parallel. If needed, use 0. When using large capacitors at the output of these regulators, a protection diode connected input to output Figure 15 may be required if the input is shorted to ground.

Without the protection diode, an input short causes the input to rapidly approach ground potential, while the output remains near the initial VOUT because of the stored charge in the large output capacitor. The capacitor will then discharge through a large internal input to output diode and parasitic transistors.

If the energy released by the capacitor is large enough, this diode, low current metal, and the regulator are destroyed. The datahseet diode in Figure 15 shunts most of the capacitors discharge current around the regulator. So you are free to pick appropriate capacitors for input and output to reduce ripple, noise, etc.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

I’d go with the application information as indicated by the TI datasheet. The Fairchild datasheet is limited to just data, with minimal fatasheet guidance. Ci can be as large as you want. A 0 impedance input voltage isn’t going to hurt the regulator.

In fact, the lower the better. What you quote doesn’t say what Co needs to be, only what value the rest of the specs are for.

You have to look elsewhere in the datasheet to find the min and max allowed values.

If I remember right your job to checkthe 78xx series regulators are stable with 0 ESR output caps. Datsheet only real limitation is therefore the initial surge current as the output cap is charged up.

Since these regulators protect themselves from output shorts, there is effectively no upper limit from the regulator’s point of view. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. LM and decoupling capacitor value Ask Question.

LM Datasheet – 1A, 12V, Voltage Regulator – Fairchild

LM voltage regulator is recommended to be used with decoupling capacitors at its input and output as in the below diagram: And here is the part from the manufacturer Fairchild see recommended C1 is 0. I have two questions: I’m not sure those are exactly recommended values.

Rather those are what THEY had on hand to build the test circuit with and tabulate the numbers. Trevor I put 0. But what if I use a single 0. datahseet

Another thing I never understood sometimes they put decoupling caps for power rails in parallel like 1u and n ect. But 1u already dstasheet the job of n. Do you have any idea about it? There’s no sense in trying to get closer than that. It really does not matter much. Those values are really the recommended minimums. You see them in parallel because different cap types have different high frequency characteristics.

Some low ESR caps in parallel with some bulk 10uF datazheet won’t hurt. Paralelling is a little less common these days since you can get some pretty large value ceramics nowadays. Trevor Oh never thought of it. Did I get you correct?

From Texas Instruments datasheet: CI is required if regulator is located an appreciable distance from the power supply filter. On the output, TI states: StainlessSteelRat 3, 6 Olin Lathrop k 30 You mean tantalum type? No, I mean caps with 0 ESR. Of course there is no such thing, but datsheet technologies, like ceramic, have low ESR with large enough values to be datashfet in this application.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but datashewt shown. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Transcript of EL ACENTO DIACRÍTICO O TILDE DIACRÍTICA. Tú’: pronombre personal / segunda persona gramatical. Ej.: tú eres mi mejor. ACENTO DIACRITICO Tilde Diacrítica Distingue significados en pares de palabras. Monosílabas se usan ampliamente en lenguas romances. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘acento diacrítico’.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I notice that native Spanish speakers often leave off accents in writing. Outside the context of edited material, it almost seems like accent pedantry is the sign of someone diarcitico has learned Spanish as a second language or has their spell-checker properly configured.

Do native Spanish speakers appreciate properly-placed accents siacritico writing or does it not matter much? Which is to say, should I spend my time looking up accents or am I wasting my time?

Accents are important anywhere you want to use formal language, look professional, etc. Places where using “correct” Spanish is important. Writing an article for publication, a diacrtiico to a superior, in exams. Despite what other people say in their answers, leaving out accents doesn’t result in sore eyes, confused readers, hard to read text.

If you’re writing to somebody who you know likes everything proper acentoo should expect this to irritate them. Generally people that don’t like slang also won’t like omitted accents. Almost all of my friends from Spanish speaking countries never use accents when writing on the Internet, in emails, Facebook, instant messaging, SMS.

It’s a accento of style. When you want to be formal, stick to the official orthography, with all the accents, punctuation, and capitalization used as the RAE advises. If you don’t you will be interpreted as at least lazy and unprofessional, but perhaps worse. If you are a young person chatting via keyboard to other young people, you don’t have to be formal, just like in English.

Your friends might even find it a bit stilted if you’re too formal.

In fact in instant messaging and SMS I find my Spanish speaking friends go much further and use lots of special slang spellings I don’t know at all – just like people do in English. It’s probably a good idea to be consistent though.

It will be less pleasant for some people to read if you phase in and out of accent usage in a single piece of writing. In this case it will seem a lot more like spelling mistakes like mixing up “to” and “too” or “their” and “there” and “they’re” in English.

Context will show which word you mean but your wrong spellings will throw the reader off. I do note however that when Spanish is written in all capitals that the accents will fairly often be omitted even in places where you might expect more formality and even though the RAE says the accents should always be used even in all capitals.

You might make a faux pas if you leave them out, but you’ll never make a faux pas if you put them in. Other than the cool kids sometimes thinking you’re not cool -.

In my opinion, the accents are very important to ease the readability of your text. Since Spanish is a inflectional language, we make from a single root many words e. Toda la culpa la tiene este hombre. You should absolutely use them – it’s not a matter of pedantry. Otherwise you’ll be forcing people to correct intonation in their minds – making any lengthy enough text a headache. By comparison, o should have an accent when it comes between numerals, in order to help distinguish it from the number zero: An accent can really make a difference when trying to understand a text.

We, native speakers, can usually fully understand something without any accent, but it’s much easier to read with them. There are some guys hitting another one, while others are looking at it. You see it from far away and shout:. To a true Mexican, a properly placed accent shows respect for the purity of the written language as the accent is most often used in proper names and I am sure that you yourself would not much appreciate a mispronunciation of your name.

For example, the letter “i” in my name is not dotted, it carries an accent over the i and I always make use of the accent when using my signature. In English, a 3 syllable word usually carries the accent over the first syllable, but in Mexican Spanish, the accent is usually over the 2nd syllable in a 3 syllable name and over the 1st in a 2 syllable name.

So YES, it is a way of showing respect for one’s heritage and is extremely important for a purist of the correct pronunciation of one’s name. A lot of people appreciate it. Sometimes, if writing a quick message or SMS they are left off. There is not accent pedantry, most times they are useful and help the reader to go through your text faster. It’s not thaaaat important, people would still understand what you’re trying to write if you miss some accents.

As a native speaker, I would say you should try to write them everywhere, unless you are in a particular situation when writing with perfect orthography is difficult or impossible e. In general I have found that many spanish native speakers find annoying reading spanish text without correct accents.

Puede ser un neologismo, pero no me importa. I agree with you that often, taking a lot of care with spelling and accents can make a foreigner stick out like a sore thumb. I for one have found myself in that situation. But I was already pretty noticeable to begin with; and writing with careful spelling and accents never brought any negative repercussions. If I had slummed and written more sloppily, it wouldn’t have made any difference on my ability to integrate into the local community.

That said, there are settings where careful spelling and properly placed accents are important and much appreciated, and this site falls into that category. I would recommend to all Spanish learners that they develop good spelling and accenting habits right from the start, and continue in this way. I would recommend that to any child or teenager who is a native speaker as well; but for someone learning Spanish as a second language, it’s especially worthwhile, for several reasons:. That is not to say that if you forget some accents or place some in funny places, you’ll be despised!

I’m just saying that your spelling efforts will bring you extra respect i.

Acento Diacritico Flashcards Preview

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, diacrjtico an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How important are accents in written Spanish?

El Idioma Español on Instagram: “#usosdelidioma #español #acento #diacritico #acentodiacritico”

English I notice that native Spanish speakers often diacditico off accents in writing. Please take care, in spanish “acento” is a general word. All words have accent. Aunque genera ciertas confusiones, no cuesta mucho dicaritico textos sin tildes.

Tampoco que cambies g por j, o qu por k, etc. Ya ha habido una propuesta de reforma en ese sentido. Esta sankadiya kotidiana desaparese kon la rreforma: I would compare it exactly to writing English in all lower case and omitting apostrophes.

It is zcento that accents should be used even when all letters are capital. Although this rule is often contested by native speakers. When I was in school my literature and philosophy teachers always took a point off when an accent was not there. For us while reading a book or article accents are very important and demonstrate the dominion of the author in Spanish.

Personally, when I don’t see them it burns my eyes, but I guess that’s product of my spanish literature nazi teacher Not using accents and proper punctuation make texts more difficult to read, because you have to keep trying to deduce what the writer meant. Not writing the accent in “camion” probably has no effect in the understandability of the text, but when the accent changes the meaning, omitting it makes you have to read twice or more to understand the meaning.

Diacritics are not grammar. I get your point. But we shouldn’t forget that the correctness of Spanish grammar and orthography is prescribed by a central authority, whereas English is not.

Regarding “importance”, that’s fine, but importance for whom or what?

Free Unfinished Flashcards about Acento diacritico

Importance for being understood, for being correct, for keeping up acenfo appearance, etc.? My point is that Spanish has an absolute concept of right vs. As an example of how they DO matter, consider the following sentence: See my answer for more information.

Although I do agree that they are important. Yeah but with context you know exactly what the person is saying. You’ve just proven my point. As English is my second language I’m sure I make grammar mistakes often, but at the very least I always make sure that every single word is spelled properly.

Accents in Spanish are a matter of spelling. Accents are essential when there is a possibility of confusion.

Acento diacrítico

Richard 1, 2 15 It’s good to see a familiar face. Did you mean to leave off the accents in the two examples you gave?

It sounds like contradictory advice. Yeah, the way it was written made it sound like those were examples. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated it to make more sense. The thing is the accent can be omitted only on SOME words. For instance with past tense and present tense or with homonyms. There’s an error in your answer:


atmel datasheet – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Datasheet, PDF, Data sheet, manual, pdf, , datenblatt, Electronics , alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet. 89C51 or AT89C51 is an 8-bit microcontroller and belongs to Atmel’s family . Pdf of AT89C51 datasheet & pin diagram are also available at Engineers.

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To eliminate the pos. In the power down mode the oscillator is stopped, and the. The only datasheeh from power down is a hardware reset.

Reset redefines the SFRs but does not change the on. The reset should not be activated before V CC. Program Memory Lock Bits. On the chip are three lock bits which can be left unpro. When lock bit 1 is programmed, the logic dataasheet at the EA. If the device is. Lock Bit Protection Modes.

ATMEL 89C51 | AT89C51 Microcontroller Pin Diagram & Description

No program lock features. MOVC instructions executed from external program memory are disabled from.

Same as mode 2, also verify is disabled. Same as mode 3, also external execution is disabled.

The AT89C51 is normally shipped with the on-chip Flash. V CC program enable signal. The low voltage program. The AT89C51 is shipped with either the high-voltage or.

The AT89C51 code memory array is programmed byte. AT89C51, the address, data and control signals should be. To program the AT89C51, take the.

Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Input the desired memory location on the address. Input the appropriate data byte on the data lines. Activate the correct combination of control signals. The byte-write cycle is self-timed and. During a write cycle, an at. Atmel Electronic Components Datasheet. To eliminate the pos- sibility of an unexpected write to a port pin when Idle is terminated by reset, the instruction following the one that invokes Idle should not be one that writes to a port pin or to external memory.

Power Down Mode In the power down mode the oscillator is stopped, and the instruction that invokes power down is the last instruction executed. The reset should not be activated before V CC is restored to its normal operating level and must be held active long enough to allow the oscillator to restart and stabilize.

Program Memory Lock Bits On the chip are three lock bits which can be left unpro- grammed U or can be programmed P to obtain the ad- ditional features listed in the table below: When lock bit 1 is programmed, the logic level at the EA pin is sampled and latched during reset.

If the device is powered up without a reset, the latch initializes to a ran- dom value, and holds that value until reset is activated. It is necessary that the latched value of EA be in agreement with the current logic level at that pin in order for the device to function properly.

8951 Datasheet PDF

MOVC instructions executed from external program memory are disabled from fetching code bytes from internal memory, EA is sampled and latched on reset, and further programming of the Flash datawheet disabled. The programming interface accepts either a high-voltage volt or a low-voltage V CC program enable signal. The AT89C51 is shipped with either the high-voltage or low-voltage programming mode enabled.

The respective top-side marking and device signature codes are listed in the following table. To program any non-blank byte in the on-chip Flash Memory, the entire memory must be erased using the Chip Erase Mode. Before programming the AT89C51, the address, data and control signals dataheet be set up according to the Flash programming mode table and Figures 3 and 4.

To program the AT89C51, take the following steps. Input the desired memory location on the address lines. The byte-write cycle is self-timed and typically takes no more than 1. Repeat steps 1 through 5, changing the address and data for the entire array or until the end of the object file is reached. During a write cycle, an at- 5 continued.


Rak was one of four men who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Photo. In August of , twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in. The Allagash abductions is one of those UFO stories that stand out from all the others. It is considered one the top UFO stories in the United.

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Username or Email Address. Rak was one of four wllagash who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

The Allagash Abductions – An Documentary |

According to Rak on Wednesday, the group did witness an unidentified flying object during their canoe trip, both on the night of the alleged abductions, and two nights before on Chamberlain Lake. He said the most vivid sighting occurred as the men were night fishing on Big Eagle Lake. Rak said the group reported the bizarre experience the next day to a ranger on duty in the area, who Rak said quickly allayash the sighting, attributing the lights as coming from a grand opening at a hardware store in the town of Millinocket.

According to Rak, the men continued with their trip, and did not discuss the possibility of having been abducted by aliens until abductionx later after Jim Weiner suffered a traumatic fall and began to experience seizures.

Jim Weiner eventually shared his visions with renowned UFO researcher and author Raymond Fowler, after which the group underwent hypnosis with a man named Tony Constantino.

Allagash abductions

During the regressive hypnosis sessions both the Weiners and Foltz claimed to recall small grey aliens taking them aboard a spacecraft. They said the aliens then performed what they perceived to be medical examinations on the men.

Rak now says his hypnosis experience led to no such recall on his part, although he previously abductionw publicly that it did. Rak said he and the others eventually had a falling out, after which he began telling people that the abductions never took place. Rak challenges what many believers of the Allagash Abductions consider a key element of the case: The men all claimed that when they set out fishing on Big Eagle Lake the evening of the UFO sighting, they had left a large fire burning at their campsite as a beacon to guide them back to shore during the pitch-black abdkctions.

Subject of 1976 UFO incident casts doubt on ‘Allagash Abductions’

However, when they returned to the campsite, the fire had burned down much faster than they thought it should have given the amount of time they thought they had spent out on the water. John Valley is the site of an alleged alien abduction in Foltz, in a telephone conversation from his Massachusetts home on Thursday, September 1, claimed differently.

Rak also said during the August 31 interview that he and other members of the group had used recreational drugs on the night of the alleged abduction.

According to Rak, he felt conflicted when others asked him whether the group had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the night of the encounters. Foltz denies any drug use among the Allagash Four during the outing.

The Allagash Abductions | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Foltz described Rak as a man with a violent temper who has been banned from some UFO conventions. Fowler initially agreed to be interviewed for this story, but later sent an email indicating that he would not take part if Chuck Rak did. He is the type of person who abductilns to be in control.

He was not happy not being able to have detailed recall of the abduction portion of the incident, thus several years after the investigation he claimed that no one was abducted. Jim Weiner relayed an incident which he claims took place shortly after the Joan Rivers interview, during which he says Rak tried to convince the men of a new way to capitalize on the case.

Foltz shared his reasoning for why those living on other planets might want to visit Earth and abduct humans. Follow this link to see a YouTube video featuring testimony from Foltz and the Weiner brothers regarding the Allagash Abductions.

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terpendek menggunakan algoritma dijkstra, studi kasus pada komplek kampus terpadu Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Paper ini dirancang untuk. Posts about algoritma dijkstra written by Gigih Forda Nama. Implementasi Algoritma Dijkstra Dalam Penentuan Jalur Terpendek Di YOGYAKARTA Menggunakan GPS Dan Qt Geolocation. Blasius Neri Puspika • Antonius.

Author: Dotaur Kajirn
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This qlgoritma is often used in routing and as a subroutine in other graph algorithms. For a given source vertex node in the graph, the algorithm finds the path with lowest cost i.

It can also be used for finding costs of shortest paths from a single vertex to a single destination vertex by stopping the algorithm once the shortest path to the destination vertex has been determined.

The idea of this algorithm is also given in Leyzorek et al. This is asymptotically the fastest known single-source shortest-path algorithm for arbitrary directed graphs with unbounded nonnegative weights. The goal of our example will be to find, in Figurethe least-cost routes from Node A to each of the other nodes. To begin, you will first need to create a table, eijkstra Table a belowwith a column for each node in the network except the starting node, Node Rijkstra.

Dijkstra’s algorithm

With respect to the example, this means that once you got to Node B on your way to Node Gyou would have to consult a different table—namely, the Dijkstra table for Node B—for the next hop. After that, locate each immediate neighbor a node only one link or hop away of Node A that is not yet in the Visited list.

Calculate the cost to travel from Node A to each of these neighbors, and enter these values into the table. For example, Node B is one hop away from Node A, it has not yet been visited, and it costs 2 units to travel from A to B.

In this case, you should enter 2 in the column for Node B in Table b to indicate the cost of the path from Node A to Node B, and enter B in the Next row to note that to get to B, you go directly to B on the next hop.

These values are also recorded in Table b. Gigih Forda Nama — An Ordinary People “niscaya allah akan meninggikan orang-orang yang beriman diantara kamu sekalian dan orang-orang yang diberi ilmu pengetahuan beberapa derajat”. World Of Academic Tags: Blog Statshits. Rubrik Edukasi Kompas An error has occurred; the feed is probably down.

Belum lama digelar Pilkada serentak di daerah pada 27 Juni lalu. Sudah terpilih pula kepala daerah yang ikut berkompetisi di ajang pilkada tersebut.

Aku bertanya, kelakkah aku cemburu pada bidadari? Karena ia adalah sejenis perempuan suci dengan keindahan tingkat tinggi yang akan mendampingi suamiku bila kelak menghuni surga.

Sejujurnya aku belum pernah mencemburuinya. Lalu aku berfikir, mengapa aku tak mencemburui bidadari? Entahlah, hingga kini aku benar-benar belum mengerti. Membaca berita-berita past […]. Ingin memiliki kemampuan di bidang tsaqafah Islam sekaligus menguasai keterampilan teknik media? Di Pesantren Media dijkstfa

Pesantren Media adalah lembaga pendidikan yang menggabungkan tsaqafah Islam dengan keterampilan teknik media untuk mengkader santri menjadi dai bidang media atau minimal menjadi tenaga kreatif yang handal untuk mendukung dakwah melalui me […].

Bagi para pengelola radio yang tergabung dalam VOIRadioNetwork, Anda bisa mendownload file-file rekaman Voice of Islam, khususnya untuk edisi kami akan meng-upload file sebanyak 30 edisi hal ini kami lakukan sebagai kompensasi tidak diproduksi dalam bentuk CD MP3 dan tidak ada pengiriman. Berikut ini daftar file-file Voice of Islam edisi untuk bula […]. Bagi cijkstra pengelola radio yang tergabung dalam VOIRadioNetwork, Anda bisa mendownload file-file rekaman Voice of Islam, khususnya untuk edisi kami akan meng-upload file sebanyak 31 edisi hal ini kami lakukan sebagai kompensasi tidak diproduksi dalam bentuk CD MP3 dan tidak ada pengiriman.

Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.

Dijkstra’s algorithm – Wikipedia

Sumberdaya manusia yang mengenyam pendidikan di perguruan tinggi harus memiliki kemampuan untuk menghadapi dan beradaptasi dengan perkembangan zaman. Salah satunya algiritma sistem informasi berbasis cyber.

Mahatma Kufepaksi, di Hotel Horison, […]. Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

This dijkztra uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Anis Danar on Cara mendapatkan licence grati….


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Arlington Industries TVBU recessed Dual Voltage box aarlington the perfect space saver where dual voltage wiring is needed in a retrofit application. The 2 gang recessed dual voltage box provide 1 isolated side to run a power outlet and a nice open side to as many low voltage AV wires you need. This box is for new construction and retrofit applications.

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Hemosuccus pancreaticus, also known as pseudohematobilia or Wirsungorrhage is a rare cause of hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract. It is caused by a. Methods: We reviewed our experience with management of 17 patients admitted to surgery or gastroenterology units for hemosuccus pancreaticus between. Hemosuccus pancreaticus (HP) is a rare and potentially life threatening clinical entity and is described as bleeding from the ampulla of Vater.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided oancreaticus original work is properly cited. Hemosuccus pancreaticus HP is a very rare and obscure cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Due to its rarity, the diagnostic and therapeutic strategy for the management of this potentially life threatening problem remains undefined. The objective of our study is to highlight the challenges in the diagnosis and management of HP and to formulate a protocol to effectively and safely manage this condition.

We retrospectively reviewed the records of all patients who presented with HP over the last 15 years at our institution between January and December There were a total of 51 patients with a mean age of 32 years.

Nineteen patients had chronic alcoholic pancreatitis; twenty-six, five, and one patient had tropical pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, and idiopathic pancreatitis, respectively.

Six patients were managed conservatively. Overall mortality was 7. Length of followup hmosuccus from 6 months to 15 years. Upper gastrointestinal hrmosuccus in a patient with a history of chronic pancreatitis could be caused by HP. All hemodynamically stable patients with HP should undergo prompt initial angiographic evaluation, and if possible, embolization. Hemodynamically unstable patients and those following unsuccessful embolization should undergo emergency haemostatic surgery.

Centralization of GI bleed services along with a multidisciplinary team approach and a well-defined management hemowuccus is essential to reduce the mortality and morbidity of this condition. Hemosuccus pancreaticus HP is a rare and potentially life threatening clinical entity and is described as bleeding from the ampulla of Vater via the pancreatic duct. HP is often difficult to diagnose, partly because of its rarity and due to its anatomical location and also because the bleeding is often intermittent and cannot be easily diagnosed by esophagogastroduodenoscopy OGDscopy in the intermittent phase [ 14 ].

The diagnosis pancreatics not always easy to establish and often a long period elapses between the onset of the hempsuccus symptoms and the precise location of the source of bleeding [ 24 ]. We retrospectively reviewed the records of all 51 patients who presented with HP over the last 15 years at our institution between January and December We noted demographic data, history, diagnostic features including symptoms, physical examination and time to diagnosis, investigations and therapeutic modalities, as well as follow-up data.

Following aggressive resuscitation, they were subjected to esophagogastroduodenoscopy and a Duplex scan. In the event of continued destabilization or failed angioembolization, the patient was taken up for emergency surgery. Celiac trunk and pancreatifus mesenteric arteriography were performed transfemorally using a 4-F catheter. Images were obtained using the digital subtraction technique.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus: a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding

The treatment technique included a superselective catheterization of the feeding artery, followed by endosaccular treatment of the pseudoaneurysm. Proximal and distal feeding artery occlusions were done. All operated patients had a clinical examination after 1 month and were kept on routine followup.

Angioembolized patients had clinical examinations during the 6-month period and if a pseudocyst existed on US or CT scan, endoscopic or surgical therapy was planned. Persistently symptomatic patients with chronic pancreatitis were offered surgery when indicated.

The sample included forty-three men and eight women. Mean age was 32 years 11—55 years. Most common presenting symptoms were worsening anemia and malena in forty-seven and forty-eight patients. Transfusion requirements ranged from pancreqticus units to 12 units mean-7 units. Tables 1 and 2.

Twenty-six had tropical pancreatitis, nineteen patients had a diagnosis of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis, five patients had acute pancreatitis, and one patient was diagnosed as having idiopathic pancreatitis Table 3. The remaining patients had normal UGI endoscopic findings. Abdominal ultrasonography with Doppler examination was performed in all patients and diagnosed aneurysmal bleeding in nineteen patients.

Selective angiography was done in 45 patients with a therapeutic intent Table 4.

The combined modality of CECT angiogram and conventional angiogram showed that the pseudoaneurysm was located in the head of the pancreas in 31 patients and in the body or tail in the remaining 20 patients.

The mean range diameter of the pseudocyst was 67 10— mm and the mean diameter of the pseudoaneurysm was 24 7—80 mm. The pseudoaneurysm arose from the splenic artery in twenty-seven patients, from the gastroduodenal artery in nine, from a branch of the superior pancreaticoduodenal artery in two, from the inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery in two, and from the superior mesenteric artery in one patient.

An unnamed vessel in the pseudocyst wall was the cause of bleed in nine patients. A ductal communication with the splenic vein was found in one patient. Procedures included distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy in nine cases, central pancreatectomy in one case, intracystic ligation of the blood vessel in five cases, and aneurysmal ligation and bypass graft in one case Table 6 and Figure 2.

Six patients were managed without any therapeutic intervention apart from hemodynamic resuscitation, out of which four refused any form of therapy, and two patients exsanguinated before any therapeutic modality could be offered. There were four mortalities, one patient following surgery alone and one following surgery for a failed embolization. Two patients expired before any procedure could be performed. Morbidity included external pancreatic fistula in four patients managed conservativelyischemic cholecystitis managed with percutaneous cholecystostomy in one, wound infection in eleven patients, incisional hernia in three, and pneumonia in six patients Table 7.

Twelve patients were lost to followup. None of the thirty-five patients, who were followed up, experienced a recurrent bleed. Seven of the patients with chronic pancreatitis, who had undergone previous embolization, developed intractable pain and needed drainage procedures. Hemosuccus pancreaticus is a very rare cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Approximately cases have been reported in the literature since it was first reported by Lower and Farrell in [ 3 ].

Clinical symptoms and signs include UGI bleeding as evidenced by haematemesis and malena, of which malena is more common. Epigastric pain results from the elevation of pressure in the pancreatic ducts caused by blood clots [ 15 — 7 ]. The haemorrhage is usually intermittent, repetitive and, most often, not severe enough to cause haemodynamic instability despite the usual arterial origin of bleeding [ 78 ].

Other clinical signs are more exceptional and include jaundice, vomiting, weight loss, and a palpable pulsating mass with a systolic thrill in the event of aneurysm [ 17 — 9 ]. Liver hemosucucs test is normal apart from an increased serum bilirubin in the event of pancreaticobiliary reflux. Serum amylase is normal outside episodes of acute pancreatcius.

It is difficult to diagnose HP because hemosuccus bleeding is usually intermittent.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus: A mini-review

Endoscopy is essential in ruling out other causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and in rare cases; active bleeding can be seen from the duodenal ampulla [ 9 — 11 ]. Even though endoscopy may be normal, it helps to rule out other causes of upper digestive bleeding erosive gastritis, peptic ulcers, and oesophageal and gastric fundus varices, etc. Ultrasonography can be used to visualize pancreatic pseudocysts or aneurysm of the peripancreatic arteries. Doppler ultrasound or dynamic ultrasound has been reported to be diagnostic.

Contrast-enhanced CT is an excellent modality for demonstrating the pancreatic pathology and can also demonstrate features of chronic pancreatitis, pseudocysts, and pseudoaneurysms.

On precontrast CT, the characteristic finding of clotted blood in the pancreatic duct, known as the sentinel clot, is seldom seen. Computed tomography may show simultaneous opacification of an aneurysmal artery and pseudocyst or persistence of contrast within a pseudocyst after the arterial phase.

Again, these findings are only suggestive of the diagnosis. Ultimately, angiography is the diagnostic reference standard. Angiography identifies the causative artery and allows for delineation of the arterial anatomy and therapeutic intervention [ 912 — 16 ]. HP is an entity diagnosed on clinical, endoscopic, and radiological findings, and a definitive diagnosis can be established only with angiography.

Hemosuccus Pancreaticus: A Mysterious Cause of Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Overall, the diagnosis of HP requires a high index hemosuccuz suspicion in patients with pancreatitis and GI bleeding. The natural history of hfmosuccus pancreatic pseudocysts and the risk of pseudoaneurysm formation are not well known [ 14 — 16 ]. In a hemosucxus of 14 patients with chronic pancreatitis and bleeding pseudocysts, 11 were treated successfully with embolization and 3 needed an operation.

This compares favorably with the mortality rate of our series 7. The authors concluded that arterial embolization is recommended as the initial oancreaticus method, and further hemosuxcus should be reserved for patients in a good general condition who have other complications of chronic pancreatitis that need jemosuccus [ 20 ]. Distal pancreatectomy for bleeding pancreatic pseudoaneurysms in the body or tail of the pancreas is a surgical alternative to angioembolization [ 2122 ].

When the pseudoaneurysm is located in the head of the pancreas, surgical resection is associated with increased mortality and morbidity, and angioembolization alone has been proposed as the recommended treatment modality of choice [ 19202324 ]. Early angiography has halved the mortality rate. Angiographic intervention of a haemorrhage from pseudoaneurysm in HP can be carried out either to stabilize the patient in order to perform elective surgery or as a definitive treatment [ 222325 ].

Failure of catheter embolization may result from factors such as inability pancrreaticus isolate the bleeding vessel, spasm of the bleeding vessel, incomplete arterial occlusion, or misidentification hemosccus the bleeding vessel [ 212526 ]. If a conservative transarterial approach is selected in a patient with chronic pancreatitis, the remaining diseased pancreas adjacent to the previously injured artery may be the source of reoccurrence of arterial injury and bleeding.

With increasing expertise and the use of superselective angiocatheters, therapeutic embolization can serve as a definitive management strategy. Surgical treatment is indicated in uncontrolled haemorrhage, persistent shock, when embolization is hemosuccys feasible or when embolization fails continued pancreatlcus recurrent bleeding. It is also indicated in patients who have other indications for operative intervention pseudocyst, pancreatic abscess, gastric outlet obstruction, obstructive jaundice, or incapacitating pain and are otherwise appropriate surgical candidates [ 27 ].

Arterial ligation is also effective, but it does not avoid the risk of recurrence. Drainage of the pancreatic pseudocysts associated with arterial ligation is particularly effective and is associated with fewer complications of infection and necrosis compared with aggressive surgery [ 2125 — 27 ].

More aggressive surgery with pancreatic resection enables the treatment of both the pancreatic and hhemosuccus diseases.

Surgical procedures in our series included distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy, central pancreatectomy, intracystic ligation of the blood vessel, and aneurysmal ligation and bypass graft. In patients with chronic pancreatitis, pancreaticoduodenectomy or splenopancreatectomy are preferred by certain authors, but the problems of potential perioperative complications and postoperative pancreatic insufficiency should not be overlooked.

Less radical approaches such as central pancreatectomy and intracystic ligation of pseudoaneurysm can be performed in place of pancreaticoduodenectomy. Diagnosis is based on investigations that should be performed in all patients, preferably during a period of active bleeding. Therapeutic options consist of selective embolization and surgery.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus

All hemodynamically stable patients with HP should undergo hemosuccjs initial angiographic evaluation and if possible, embolization. A multidisciplinary team approach at a tertiary care centralized GI bleed centre with a well-defined protocol is indispensable in drastically reducing mortality and morbidity. Kumar contributed to conception and design, acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of data. Ravi drafted the paper and revised it critically for important intellectual content.

Jeswanth and Professor P. Ravichandran gave the final approval of the version to be published. International Scholarly Research Notices.


Cambridge University Press. – Ulysses and the Sirens: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality: Revised Edition. Jon Elster. Frontmatter. Ulysses and the Sirens has 24 ratings and 2 reviews. Anthony said: I was a Jon Elster (Editor) Be the first to ask a question about Ulysses and the Sirens. even more valuable than it is. II. Ulysses and the Sirens. F. H. Hahn. University of Cambridge. Jon Elster’s Ulysses and the Sirens* is an outstandingly intelligent.

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Michael Bradie – – Biology and Philosophy 1 4: What Are Dual Process Models?

Implications for Cultural Analysis in Sociology. StoltzMarshall A. Trustworthiness is a Social Norm, but Trusting is Not. Muldoon – – Politics, Philosophy and Economics 10 2: Any Theoretical Legitimation for Economic Imperialism? Milan Zafirovski – – Sociological Theory 18 3: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality”.

Phillips – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy Ulysses and the Sirens: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality. Studies in the Subversion of Rationality. A Theory of Imperfect Rationality. Elster – – Social Science Information 16 5: Ulysses and the Sirens. Bruno Verbeek – – In Fabienne Elstrr ed.

Oxford University Press, Usa. Solomonic Judgements Studies in the Limitations of Rationality.

Jon Elster – Wikipedia

Jon Elster – – Cambridge University Press. Does Rationality Presuppose Irrationality. Xavier Vanmechelen – – Philosophical Explorations 1 2: Jon Elster – – Philosophy and Public Affairs 15 1: De Dijn – – Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie Logic and Society and Ulysses and the Sirens.

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Jon Elster, Ulysses Unbound: Studies in Rationality, Precommitment, and Constraints: Studies in Rationality, Precommitment, and Constraints. Krister Bykvist – – Ethics 2: Belief and the Thw of Ulysses and the Sirens.

Ulysses and the Sirens: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality

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Chapters 1 and 2 3400 how to load both types of media. See Manhal A for complete descriptions of these options. Plug in the printer. Open the printer and load media.

Print a configuration test label. To plug in the printer 1. Plug the AC power cord into the receptacle at the rear of the printer. Plug the other end of the power cord into a grounded wall outlet or surge protector. In fanfold printing, you place a stack of fanfold media at the rear of the printer and feed it into the printer through a slot in the rear cover. The printer is now ready to print the configuration test label. NugFont HelvC You can print the hardware configuration test label to test the printer and make sure it is operating correctly.

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Intermec 3400e user manuals

This section tells you how to connect your printer to any of these systems. You must provide the correct cables for connecting the printer. See the following sections for cable information. Contact your Intermec representative for ordering assistance if you do not have the appropriate cables. You can purchase a parallel cable from Intermec Part No.

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At the DOS prompt, type this command and press Enter: Type these command lines and press Enter: NugFont HelvC Use this chapter to understand how to use the printer front panel, load roll media and media for self-strip printing, set the media sensitivity number, and communicate with the printer.

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Intermec e user manuals download

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Intermec EasyCoder 3400e User Manual

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Use this three-digit number to optimize print quality and print speed on your printer. You can achieve the best print quality on the printer by using only Intermec ribbon and media products. The default sensitivity setting for thermal transfer media is For direct thermal media, the default sensitivity setting is Top Bank Set switches 1 nitermec 6 and 8 off. Set switch 7 on. Bottom Bank Intermecc switches 1 through 8 off.

The printer prints out the software configuration label. Return the DIP switches to their original settings. The first column of the Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Media Sensitivity Settings tables list the approximate sensitivity settings.

Downloading is the universal term intrrmec to describe the transfer of information from the host to any connected peripheral device, such as your printer.

When you transfer data from your printer to the PC or host, you are performing a process called uploading. Select the Test Label option button.

Select either the Text or the Bar Code option button. If itermec select to print text, you can choose any font in the Select Printer Font list box. If you select to print a bar code, you can choose any symbology in the Select Symbology list box. Your inspection should include the following: Make sure mnual have properly grounded the printer. This table contains suggestions for cleaning the printer. Use the illustration on the next page to locate the parts 3400 need to clean.

Label taken sensor Tear bar Warning Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord before cleaning any part of the printer. Therefore, cleaning media debris from the printhead is very important. Clean after every roll [or manjal, centimeters 6, inches ] of intermecc or when necessary. Be sure to clean the transparent panel on the media cover so that the media supply inside the printer is visible when you close the cover.

To clean the drive roller and manuql bar 1. Always clean the media guides immediately after a label jam in the printer.

To clean the media guides and media path 1. Label taken sensor Label mark sensor Label gap sensor To clean the label sensors 1. First try cleaning the printer components and checking all of the connections.

If cleaning the printer and checking the connections does not solve the problem, use the following tables to locate the symptom. Follow the solution in the table to fix your problem. After you reset the memory, power off the printer and return the DIP switches to the required setting. Labels are not Incorrect label rest point setting. Incorrect label stock setting. Several problems can cause data loss or communication problems on the printer.

Data loss can result in printing errors or missing field data. Hardware handshaking involves the use of a hardware wire. The XOFF character alerts the interme to the fact that the printer buffer is full and cannot receive any more data.

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