Design issue: How to get always fresh data with Zeos TZConnection and TZQuery (in AutoCommit Accented characters using Firebird Zeos in Lazarus Pascal. Collection of answers to questions about Firebird Lazarus, Pascal, Free, Development, RAD,embedded. Some of the. on: April 09, , pmĀ». Gentlefolk, Using Lazarus , ZEOS , FireBird , Windows XP SP

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Other access methods are described in Other Firebird libraries.

Firebird is an open source, free database server that has been in use and developed for decades it developed out of the Interbase 6 database that was open sourced by Borland. It includes rich support for SQL statements e.

The database requires very little manual DBA work once it is set up, making it ideal for small business use or embedded use. It can grow to terabyte scale given proper tuning, although PostgreSQL may be a better choice for such large environments.


If used as an embedded database, it offers a richer SQL support than SQLite as well as seamless migration to a client-server database, although SQLite is a quite capable embedded database itself.

The latest stable version, Firebird 2. Official documentation is included in FPC 2. The Firebird DLL you need for this is fbclient. Embedded Firebird means that your application loads the Firebird DLLs to access a Firebird database on the local machine.

When specifying the connection, the hostname is always empty. The Firebird DLL you need for this is fbembed. See the wiki page on Firebird embedded for more details.

FPC searches for the most common library names e. If you want to, you can explicitly specify the library name.

There are 2 ways for this:. You can test connectivity by telnetting to the machine.

Firebird usually listens on port You should see something, maybe just a blank screen, but you can type something. This means you can send data to the Firebird zeosdob. If you use the bigint datatype 64 bit signed integer in Firebird, please use. Obviously, it should return data.


How to use Lazarus with Firebird?

Newer FPC code has fixes for this. The problem is related mostly to UTF8 charset used and how Firebird reports column length. Values are right-padded to this length When locating say ” there is no match because the field actually stores ‘ If you want to, you can change the transaction isolation levels by adding a line in the transaction’s Parameters property:.

You can also add additional parameters that have an effect on the transaction taken from the ibconnection. If you want to only have read access to the database, you can do so by setting these transaction parameters:.

Zeos tutorial – Lazarus wiki

This combination will not block garbage collection, zeksdbo is a good thing. Firebird From Free Pascal wiki. Retrieved from ” http: Personal tools Create account Log in.