In this paper we analyze the Stuttgart real estate market and expose the main drivers of its actual Grundstücksmarktbericht (pp. 1–76). Oberndorf. Schorndorf. Backnang. Waiblingen. Stuttgart Hbf S-Untertürkheim. Filder- stadt. Ludwigsburg. Plochingen. Wendlingen (N). Ober- lenningen. Neuffen. (srb) Der Gutachterausschuss der Stadt Stuttgart hat seinen Grundstücksmarktbericht vorgelegt. Die darin enthaltenen Zahlen basieren auf den von den.

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Welcome to Stuttgart!

All reported costs related to any repairs, conversions and upgrades which are considered as value-influencing factors are to be regarded as rough estimates. Obligations regarding residential and tenancy law e.

Equipment The equipment standard of the object can all in all be described to be medium risk score 1. The Gross Rental Method is done on the basis of the commercially available net rent without utilities. The calculation of the capitalised value of potential yield Gross Receipt Method is done on the basis of the sustainably achievable rent without utilities.

The results are shown below, based on our opinion of the market value in each case: These specifications are not intended as a complete set of requirements, but are intended to provide.

The appraised property has evidently an old development e. Four easily accessible airports: Deirdre Richards 1 years ago Views: The total useful life is determined as weighted average value of tabulated type of building atuttgart used residential and commercial buildings and equipment level of tabulated usual total useful lifes.


Here, the land value can be determined based on appropriate land values cf. In this innovative industry environment a correspondingly limited adabtability for use by third parties results. Additionally grunstcksmarktbericht significant None 4. The upper Advisory Committee for Values of Properties Gutachterausschuss in the state North Rhine-Westphalia has published a local property rate for multi-family houses incl.

Section Page 5 Real estate data and choice of method of valuation Real estate data Choice of method of valuation Determination of the land value of the appraised property Notes to the values used in the determination of the land value Gross Rental methode Calculation of the capitalised value Notes to the values used in the Gross Rental Method Derivartion of the property rate from margins for commercial real estates Assessment of the influencing factors Notes to the derivation of the property rate Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis market rent Market value List of enclosures From the enclosures 3 and 5 of the lease as well as architectural drawings the rental spaces were checked roughly.

No enclosure as ground floor is completely attached. Insofar, average maintenance costs in the amount of 3. Guide PriceDorchester, Dorset Dorchester Dorset A detached 4 bedroom chalet style house on a corner plot with views towards open countryside in a favoured location on the edge of Dorchester. You may also need Planning Permission if you More information.

In this case, the actual rents without utilies being subject to the rent control were applied as sustainably achievable rents without utilities as the enforceability of significantly higher market rents after the expiration of 3 years June cannot be assumed. Alterations, additions and remodeling projects may not require all More information.


In the expert’s opinion, no significant influences on the value have to be expected by these entries. The capitalised value of potential yield results from the sum of land value and capitalised value of structural plants.

Immobilienmarktbericht Deutschland

Chief Financial Officer Responsible Offices: The building is in a good structural condition risk score 1. This is reasonable in the expert’s opinion as the appraised object is used as a logistics center with an appropriate ceiling height and a large number of car and particularly lorry parking spaces.

Market situation The market situation for comparable residential and commercial buildings in the region can all in all be regarded to be medium risk score 1. Published annual reports have shown a steady increase in revenues and gross profits since so that the highest tenant’s credit-worthiness is assumed risk score 0.

Grundstücksmarktbericht – Stadt Stuttgart

A consideration of depreciation or increases in value by the easement may therefore fail. Reinforced concrete with mineral fiber insulation or glass-steel-construction or, in the logistics area, sheet metal cover. Philip Gleser Mrs Dipl. The property rate is therefore estimated on the basis of the study “Evaluation of logistics real estates” of the professional group Logistics Real Estates of the HypZert e. The property is grundstcjsmarktbericht.