EC DC 2marksmarks, DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Question Bank, DC Short Answers – ECE 5th SEM Anna University. 0. By vish on. 2. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION. State sampling theorem. If a finite –energy signal satellite communication two marks question and answers QUESTION BANK. Subject Code: EC Subject Name: Digital Communication Techniques. Year/Sem: III/IV. UNIT I PULSE MODULATION. PART A (2 Marks).

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Define constraint length in convolutional code? The pseudo-noise sequence and data sequence are applied to a product modulator.

It is expressed in terms of message bits. This reduces the probability of error. When the PN sequence has the length of 2 m – 1, it is called maximal length sequence. This expressed in terms of message bits. When binary data ec22301 transmitted over the baseband channel, noise interfaces with it. What is meant by coherent ASK? The detection is done by correlating received noisy.

What is raised cosine spectrum? Anna University – B. What is the value of maximum signal to noise ratio of the matched filter?

There is no analog to digital converter involved in delta modulation. BCH codes are most extensive and powerful error correcting cyclic codes. This allows the message to be transmitted by means of a digital waveform. This interference of the frequency components is digitql as aliasing effect. DPCM can have more than one bit of encoding the sample. The filters adapt themselves to iwth dispersive effects of the channel that is. Code trellis diagram is shorter or compact way of representing coding process.

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Because of software implementation of decoding schemes they a re quite flexible compared to hardware implementation of other schemes. T h e ddigital schemes of BCH codes can be implemented on digital c o mputer. Thus the signalling rate and transmission channel bandwidth is quite small for delta modulation.

Transmission can be done by using wireless channel also. The processing gain of DS-SS is given as the ratio of bit period to chip period. Under such condition, the spectrum of the sampled signal overlaps with itself.

EC Digital Communication – Two Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – All Units

ADPCM uses adaptive quantization. What is meant by PCM? Newer Post Older Post Home. What is nyquist Bandwidth? November 19, 0.

In a Systematic block code, message bits appear first and then check communicaton. What is meant by systematic and non-systematic codes? This is because the spread spectrum signal has the ability to resist the effects of multipath fading.


In other words, the position of the PPM pulse depends upon input signal amplitude.

EC2301 Digital Communication Question Bank – 16 Mark Questions | 5th Semester ECE Anna University

The n, k RS code takes the groups of m- bit symbols of incoming binary data stream. This code vector is also called block. Hence higher frequencies take the form of lower frequencies. How does Granular noise occurs? Error probability of MSK: GE Computer Programming 4. T Here Y is the received and H. The matched filter is a baseband signal receiver, which works in presence of white Gaussian noise.

In direct sequence spread spectrum modulation, the pseudo-noise sequence is directly modulated with data sequence. When is the PN sequence called as maximal length sequence? The distance effect is less.