LHBP – BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT plates LHBP INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART – ICAO ILS OR LOC RWY 31R. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian. 7, Charts .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In. LHBP — BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In.

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When the aircraft is 12 M from the stop position, the closing rate indicating the remaining distance to the stop position is indicated by turning off one row per half metre. The English expressions of the different manoeuvres which can be made after the approaches are listed cnarts para 6. The vertical limits of the final approach area are from the ground up to 2 FT M AMSL and laterally bound by straight lines connecting the following coordinates:.

In case of arriving traffic, RWY 13R is to be used for landing. It is only allowed at the break away point. In case of direction Spacing on finals is based on calculated runway occupancy times.

Taxiing aircraft shall stop in front of an active stopbar in all circumstances, regardless of the taxi clearance limit. The duty airside manager will advise the ATS units concerned about the prevailing conditions of the runways and other parts of the movement area.

Designation and lateral limits. Gust components are derived from the maximum three second average wind speed which occurred during the last ten minutes chartd a shorter period in case of a marked discontinuity.

ATS Units provided with information. If the noise abatement take-off cannot be executed due to foreseeable reasons, ATC must record this fact. Supplementary equipment available chafts providing information. The above as well as para 2 point c of Government Decree No.

Proceed direct to LHBP

However, in selecting the runway-in-use, ATC shall also take into consideration other relevant factors such as the aerodrome traffic circuits, the length of the runway, the approach and landing aids available, meteorological conditions, aircraft performance, the existence of a preferential runway system and noise abatement. Aircraft operators must act circumspectly regarding noise burdens arising from the use of auxiliary power units APUsin order to protect the area surrounding the airport:.


Noise abatement take-off procedures, specified in section 7 of part I. Apron surface and strength. During training flights, with the exception of emergency cases, English RTF phraseologies shall be used. Engine tests at idle power may be performed at the locations listed in points in lhp 5.

Lifting bags and hydraulic jacks available. In special circumstances the Budapest Apron Management Service will provide the Marshaller for start-up and push- back procedures. During the approach, pilots will be informed of:. The Budapest Airport Chartz. This configuration is superseded by the closing rate indicator bar, as soon as the system detects the approaching aircraft.

Information about the appropriate frequency may be obtained from Budapest Information; The flight is not being driven by non power-driven aircraft; The aircraft is equipped with transponder mode C, in case of landing at Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport mode S.

Budapest Delivery or Budapest Ground issues en route clearances clearance limit, SID or discrete departure route, cleared altitude and allocates squawk. The pilot shall indicate to the ground staff the full chartts of the parking brakes. These waypoints are available in the navigation database of the aircraft. Watch the flashing red arrows for required direction of turn. Requests shall be submitted to the Airport Operations Control Center by: Exception The restrictions listed in 1.

Nighttime traffic restrictions 5.

The start-up and push-back procedures from stand 31, 32, 44 charst restricted. First aid at AD, hospitals in the city. The responsibilities of Budapest Ground only extend to the provision of appropriate information in order to prevent collisions between aircraft.

For operational use of radar, See ENR 1. When engine start-up or power-back procedure is complete, request taxi clearance from Budapest Lhpb and indicate receipt of clearance to the ground staff. Limited by prior arrangement only. The towing bar for the given aircraft type shall be provided by the carrier or by the handling company.

Regarding capacity, for the best use of the equipment lnbp at the airport, the conditions and manner of use of the runways and aprons, as well as airport buildings, shall be determined by the operator of the airport, the Budapest Airport Zrt.


When the slot of the flight has expired aircraft is not ready for start up at 10 minutes prior to CTOTATC will not issue start-up clearance chats the operator or its representative shall lhgp a new slot. As a general rule: If runway 13R is not available, certification flights may be authorised for runway 13L on workdays between – for aircraft not exceeding a MTOW of tons. The AOCC confirms the approval of the request to the applicant.

By utilising these procedures, reductions in radiotelephony communication, as well as optimised flight guidance in chargs approach section, based on realistic flight path data are possible. During nighttime, the DAM checks the airfield operational areas and warns the crews or the ground handling agent of aircraft breaching regulations on the use of APUs.

The airline or aircraft operator planning to use the airport is obliged to send to the airport operator in advance the noise certification of its aircraft intending to use the airport. Whenever the aircraft is capable of reporting Aircraft Identification i.

Pilots will be informed if the requested approach may be carried out. The noise abatement take-off procedure must be executed in accordance with the NADP procedures described in the appendix to chapter 3 of section 7 of part I. Permission for actual engine start-up must be requested from the unit responsible for traffic management in the given area, by DRR radio or air-to-air radio on the frequency of the competent unit in the given area chaets, and the completion of the engine test must be reported to the ccharts unit.

AIP for HUNGARY (section ADLHBP) valid from 22 JUN

In case of multi-engine aircraft, separate clearance to start-up should be requested for each engine from the ground staff. HungaroControl Aerodrome Meteorological Unit. En route clearance issuance and CTOT -related procedures 1. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian.