Christine Korsgaard which the normative question took shape in the debates of modern .. And that is the source of normativity.l3 So the argument shows. Christine M. Korsgaard, The Sources of Normativity (Cambridge: Cambridge reflection leads ineluctably to her endorsement of the source of moral claims. The Sources of Normativity has ratings and 12 reviews. Anthony said: Somewhere in the middle of this book you get the feeling that you may, in fact.

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Christine Korsgaard identifies four accounts of the source of normativity that nodmativity been advocated by modern moral philosophers: When we are acting under volitional necessity, that is, when all actions but one are unthinkable then we are most autonomous.

Quotes from The Sources of No This is still procedural realism. Doesn’t seem like it works, but I still can’t wait for the sequel View all 18 comments.

The Sources of Normativity Christine M. Selected pages Table of Contents. Korsgaard is an American philosopher whose main academic interests are in moral philosophy and its history; the relation of issues in moral philosophy to issues in metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, and the theory of personal identity; the theory of personal relationships; and in normativity in general.

As reflective beings, we must reflexively endorse a desire if it is to be considered a reason to act. Want to Read saving…. Chris rated it really liked normativkty Mar 28, JL Vanderhoek rated it really liked it Aug 25, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The Sources of Normativity

Noah rated it really liked it Oct 13, The arguments are succinct, poignant, and thoughtful; she considers a pretty wide range of possible views advanced throughout the 19th and 20th century ethics literature. Slow-Cooked Spicy Citrus Chicken. Cambridge University PressJun 28, – Philosophy – pages.


Open Preview See a Problem?

The Sources of Normativity by Christine M. Korsgaard

Like some realists, Korsgaard holds that reasons are intrinsically normative entities. They make claims on us: Not they ought to do X, they must and will. It is unthinkable to act contrary to our identity.

Informative, analytical, and fun to read. No trivia or quizzes yet. Tyler Windham rated it it was amazing Apr 27, As autonomous reflective beings that act for reasons, we must value our practical identities. If you’re interested in a neo-kantian argument, and one of the foremost neo-kantians, read her. Books by Christine M.

Brian rated it liked it Apr 25, Analytically in the sense that all her arguments are logical, and always attempting to contain a valid form. This approach to argument, and the fact that it is so succinct, makes me think that Korsgaard is probably under-read among a lot of modern ethicists; personally, I would prefer using her work to talk about Kantian senses of obligations than a lot of the other writers, and try to set her up as a foil.

Ethical concepts are, or purport to be, normative and make claims on us.

Jeppe von rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Because our reflection distances us from the emotional and desirable route of action, this means we must act for reasons. It is here, in the Self, that Korsgaard locates the source of normativity.

The Sources of Normativity Christine M. The reason cannot be imposed by an external source. This text identifies and examines four accounts of the source of normativity that have been advocated by modern moral philosophers–voluntarism, realism, reflective endorsement, and the appeal to autonomy. Your reasons express your identity, your nature; your obligations spring from what that identity forbids. Erin rated it it was off Sep 22, But a citizen in whom the general will triumphs gracefully over the private will exhibits a very special kind of autonomy, which is certainly not a sourcws form.


Roger Amafo rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Notes on the contributors. Geoffrey is an Normativitj political philosopher, writer, editor, and web designer. Selected pages Title Page. Ketib Oldiais rated it really liked it Sep 04, A good maxim is an intrinsically normative entity.

Summary: Korsgaard’s Sources of Normativity

But let’s start at the beginning and watch the failure unfold. Like krosgaard of Korsgaard’s work, I found it interesting but seriously mistaken. Jan 19, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. They make claims on us: Like a psychological egoist, she is reading back into the action a mental framework that fits her theory, but at the moment of action X, it is not absolutely certain that the action was performed out of reason, and not emotion moments of love, and anxiety, attest to this.

Thankfully, that goes away by the end, but at that point you’ve been overwhelmed by the excellent commentaries by Cohen, Guess, and Williams and to a less extent Nagel, although he mostly just confused me. Christine Korsgaard identifies four accounts Sun Liu rated it it was ok Jun 13, Aug 22, Daniel Tovar rated it liked it.