The story of Shirin and Khosrow is one of the most popular ancient stories in the middle east and the Islamic world, and a source of a great. “Khosrow and Shirin”, also spelled Khosrau and Shirn, Chosroes and Shirin, Husraw and Shireen and Khosru and Shirin, is the title of a. The Story of Shirin and Farhad and Khosrow Parviz is one of the sweet story in literature and culture of Iranians. There are different narrations of the tale.

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Shirin consents to marry Khosrow after many romantic and heroic episodes.

Yet, Shirouyeh, Khosrow’s son from his wife Maryam, is also in love khozrow Shirin. He murders his father and sends a messenger to Shirin conveying that after one week, she would have to marry him.


Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing

Shirin, in order to avoid marrying Shiroyeh, kills herself. Khosrow and Shirin were buried together in one grave. Variants of the story were also told under the titles “Shirin and Farhad” or “Farhad and Shirin”.

As a kgosrow, Khosrow and Shirin also feature in “Arabian Nights” stories. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Media in category “Khosrow and Shirin” The following 67 files are in this category, out of 67 total.

Shirin – Wikipedia

Beginning of Nizami’s Khusraw va Shirin. First page of Nizami’s Khusraw va Shirin. Khosrow an a feast.

Khusrau stand on either side of the canal built to supply Shirin khosrod the milk of goats and cows, taken from the Khamseh of Nizami. Khusraw Beholding Shirin Bathin. Khusraw being cared for by Shirin, Safavid miniature painting, Iran, 17th century.

Miniature depicts a chovqan game the story of Khosrow and Shirin of Nizami Ganjevi. Miniature from Nizami Ganjavi’s Khosrov and Shirin shigin Nizami – Khusraw discovers Shirin bathing in a pool.


Nizami – Khusraw discovers Shirin. Scene from Nizami’s Khosrov and Shirin Shirin bathing, being approached by Khusraw, Safavid miniature painting, Iran. Shirin o Farhad restored. Shirin praying While Khusrau hunting.

Khosrow Shirin

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Persian tragic romance by the Nizami Ganjavi.