A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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We are all driving better cars in because in the Japanese taught the Big Three how to build better cars.

FuturePro Live – a Great Resource for Goalies, Coaches and Parents

Patrick O’Neill on May 30, at 9: This concept should be lead by Hockey Canada as a nationwide mandate to set the bar of what should be recommended to goaie trainers and what should be implemented into minor hockey associations. It will be just as important for the districts and local organizations to get on board. Thanks for hearing me out. Sensei on June 3, at 8: Sensei on June 25, at 9: Under the watchful eyes of a goapie and scouting staff, the players experience play on an international ice surface and are introduced to many elements of the international hockey experience.

Be aware though that the service is new and still growing.

FuturePro Live – a Great Resource for Goalies, Coaches and Parents – InGoal Magazine

League to coaches, goalies are ignored or lip service is paid. I did it for 40 years because I wanted to coach and possibly make a difference in a young boy or girls hockey career.

Rather than try to play every puck or follow the entire drill, focus on one short move to get the shot and track the rebound. Needless to say training, workshops, coach education, equipment and communication become part of this picture.

It would be like a Doctor teaching ANY lay person about medicine and to go out and instruct and teach. Right on point as usual when you discuss goaltending development in Canada. Posted February 20, I did manage to get an adult goalie to come to the practices for the younger ones to give them some pointers, which when he did come, they did learn some good things.


The costs to teams will not be much more than it is now or could be less. I could say more but I think you know how I feel about this fantastic news. Countries like Finland and Sweden have been able to generate great results with limited resources and a very limited number of players compared to Canada. Sensei, I totally disagree with you regarding the new Goalie Coaching Program. An example I experienced first hand while attending The GoaliePro Mentorship Program last summer was that Jukka Ropponen and his team of coaches have been doing full analysis of their programs and the game of goaltending every season.

Posted by David Hutchison Jan 25, 1. This may all be great BUT it will still be a huge problem getting ice time from most head coaches to work on anything goalie realated. I know in Ringette I have take to hiring kesks to work with the girls and they are fantastic but more is always needed. I was one of one for many years and so I was very busy every hockey season working with more that one team with goalies who wanted to learn.

Kevin Woodley Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. How do Canadian goalies even get a look if the scouts are cruising around Europe? I am by no means espousing my greatness and I have many flaws coaching wise but I will say this. I see a lot of resistance from head boalie, non-goalie parents, teams, and organizations if it will cost gaolie and money.

Wellsie’s goalies are keeeks, very well-drilled; most of them keks learn by teaching younger goalies, so they know exactly what they’re doing. He is no stranger to the politics in hockey, as a 2nd year atom he was told he was the better leeks 3 tenders but the other 2 were 2nd year peewee and their would be problems if he was chosen, this was right from the coaches mouth.

Provincial branches with its certified instructors could execute an annual program including summer camps, weekend clinics and training resources to support an ongoing development model.

I would love to correspond to you directly on this to get your ideas and pointers. For nearly 30 years the biggest complaint I have head from goalies and goalie parents is: Ontario Goalie Dad on June 3, at On the ice are an assortment of goalie coaches, most of them professional goalie coaches who are employed by pro teams or junior clubs.


All the hockey associations need to do is invest a little money. I need to hit the ice more but every-time I play I feel I get better galie with skating. As a goalie parent,i have had to put out thousands of dollars kweks my kid to be coached over the years. Most of these netminders who are not doing well in Canadian junior hockey are actually North Keks, playing alongside other North Americans.

The bright side is he is learning to take ownership of his own improvement. Popular Posts Get a flavour of InGoal with some of our most popular pieces: They will come out and watch a game as long as they are being paid.

This will be a wake up call for them. When you look at 2 goalies per team, that ratio is HUGE!

Keek’s essential goaltending manual? – Goalie Store Bulletin Board

This is ridiculous, they should be evaluating coaching and development, not banning players due to their birth nation. Many coaches just think that the goalie just stops the puck no big deal. I would wager that Nicolous’ year-long struggles with lateral movement are a result of badly exaggerated form rather than some sort of inherent gozlie weakness.

Keeks’ book discusses this in detail, but from your description, my guess is that part of the issue is that you’re planting your left foot differently than your right in preparation for a butterfly slide.

Alexander Goaltending has a pretty good illustration of this. Organizations and head coaches kkeeks to recognize the need for goalie specific training both on and off the ice. All goaltenders who are in the Bedford Goaltending Development program receive the following:.

This type of isolationist theory is purely a panic reaction and in no way addresses the underlying issues.

With hockey Canada now going to emphasize the importance of goalie goalei it will benefit the young goalies coming up through the ranks. Tracy on May 28, at 9: Give the Canadians first crack.