of the Rehla had said, ‘ThiB 1 I.e. journey or travelling ; also -written as Rihla. 2 Leo In one of the mosques in Turkistan, Ibn Battuta witnessed a large whip. ابن فتح الله البيلوني) the other by Ibn Fathallah el Beylouny,(ابن جزي الكلبي) Djezy el Kelby. SOI printed by mistake ali i v LJI); the latter I possess.” He tells. A CRITICAL STUDY OF A TRAVELOGUE: RIHLA OF IBN E BATTUTA AND INDIA Ibn e Battuta, a youth of 21, competent and learned expert in law and.

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In fact they have brought this to such perfection that if a stranger commits any offence that obliges him to flee from China, they send his portrait far and wide. Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer. New York University Press.

Ibn Battuta | Muslim Heritage

To form an idea on the variety of Ibn Batuta’s observations, a few examples follow. It was found in and translated —58 in French by C. Subsequently, he crossed the Black Sea and reached Kaffa, a Genoese colony which had about ships in its harbour. A rare and important work covering the geography and history of the medieval Arab world, this primary sourcebook will riula welcomed by students and scholars for its inherent historical value.

The sojourn ended in about a year when he left China via the same sea route to Calicut. During his day stay he settled down into some formal studies.

University of California Press. This page was last edited on 16 Julyat He praised the beauty and finesse of the people, food and place there. His writing and his last years. He reached to al-Qiram and availed the chance to travel to Volga under the patronage of Kipchak ruler Uzbeg Khan.


He remained in that position for several years, until he fell out of favour and was thrown into prison. Ibn Battuta considered experience gained through travels to be a more important source of knowledge than books. Somewhere at this point he decided to go on and to accomplish his wish to visit the world. A lot of interesting material has been excised.

These journeys covered almost the entirety of the known Islamic world, extending from present-day North and West Africa to Pakistan, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and China, a distance readily surpassing that of his predecessor and near-contemporary Marco Polo.

Miller, Susan Gilson, ed. The orientalists again are doubtful about the accuracy of this dates, particularly those relating his travel from Makkah to India, arguing that it would have been impossible to cover such enormous distances from Mecca in the course of only one year.

Ibn Battuta

University of Chicago Press, Since then it is being persistently translated in other languages. This is a custom of theirs, I mean making portraits of all who pass through their country. It is so sketchy and confusing that some scholars doubt that he even went to China and believe he merely fabricated this part of his account.

Charles Scribner’s Sons, vol. See our Returns Policy. This purpose was uniquely achieved and has given the Rihla its lasting greatness [33].

He remained for one year in Makkah and performed his third Hajj. His travels extended to almost all the Muslim world in all the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.


The scholar had to compose the whole story into literary form, using a type of Arabic literature called a rihlaindicating a journey in search of divine knowledge.

I was then only twenty two [1]. The Travels of Marco Polo. Rihla is not the biographies of the rulers but it brings the people, their culture, customs and even their foods before the peeping eyes of the researchers of the following years. In the interior of Africa, he visited the mighty Mali Madinka state, in particular the cities of Timbuctu and Gao [9]. Ibn e Battuta was appreciated and endowed with the post of Judge by the Sultan with the assistance of two experts in Hanafi Fiqh as he himself was educated in Maliki school.

Berkeley and Los Angeles: It was like “a Muslim lake” around which Muslim merchants had started businesses depending on trade by ship.


King Tughluq appointed him judge of Delhi, but since Ibn Battuta did not speak Persian, the language of the court, two scholars were appointed to do the work of hearing cases. Skip to main content. Each took joy in dis- covering new experiences, and each exercised amazing perseverance and fortitude to complete extensive travels and return to their home country. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Welcome Rain Publishers, Wheat, Lentils, Rice were important.