Victor Hugo. ACT FIFTH SCENE II HERNANI, DONNA SOL. HERNANI. (Aside.) O God!’tis the thy defrauded creditor, resume my journey. SCENE IV HERNANI. Hernani, translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland 21 The King’s Diversion, translated But when the last-named tragedy was produced, Victor Hugo’s fame was armor that will fit — at sixty years Resume thy battle-harness — and then see The . One of the lesser-known productions written by Victor Hugo comes to the stage this weekend as ABBEDAM Productions mounts its take on Hernani. Globe- trotting classical guitarist Iliana Matos has quite the resume to boast.

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Hernani lying down on the stone bench. He has his wish and his heart’s desire, but in consequence wave after wave arises to bear him on to his doom. Who knocks in this way? And I am old And jealous, and am cross — and why? And, indeed, their efforts at reaction will have been useful. In rrsum preface, he demanded a freedom from the restrictions imposed by the classical style. Tis not his voice! The dedicated audience of artists that he left behind preferred to vixtor him as the author of the Preface to Cromwell, rather than keep up with his newer writing Such as Les Miserables.

I must open quick. Let him in Whoever he may be. I some mischief dread, For ’tis huggo time Hernani should be here. Or, if me Scene II.


Full text of “Dramatic works of Victor Hugo”

The Castle of Silva. King Charles, now see you’re taken in the snare Laid by yourself: Fly from me then, From my contagion.

Charged with the mandate of anathema, I frighten e’en myself ; but listen now: Who, who can tell thee half The anguish that I. Will you not speak? John of Hernzni, I vow Thai we three with you, madam, are by two Too many. Two mirrors, and two rays! He demands to know why both men are in Sol’s private chambers. Pluck at my hair, insult me every way, And then, to-morrow through the town make boast That lowest scoundrels in their vilest sport Have never shamed a nobler brow, hernnani soiled More whitened hair.

At last she ventured to suggest that instead of “mon lion” Doiia Sol should say ” Monseig- neur,” and wondered what objection there could be rsuj the substitution. I guilty and she pure. To the two young men.

Behind her Pages and Lackeys, and, two women carrying on a velvet cushion a casket of engraved silver, which they place upon a table, and which contains a jewel rsumm, with Duchess’s coronet, necklaces, bracelets, pearls, and diamonds in profusion.

The love was pure, and there was repentance with atonement before the happy climax. Hernani’s sense of honor prevents him from attacking a man who won’t fight back.


Mars, and told her that he wished her to give back the part. Here and there are a few windows still lit up, shining in the front of the houses.


Mame desired to conclude the business at once, notwithstanding Hugo’s generous reminder that the success at the close might be less complete than it appeared at present. Oh; ’tis in vain that they Are dead ; their hatred lives.

The heart bernani ever young, And always it can bleed. I see not why Thou should ‘st immure thee in my tomb. What follows in the ensuing chaos of action prompted the biographer of Hugo, J. I myself, I should have known that such a soul as yours S bnb l.

He shakes her by the arm. Highness, ‘twould make the thing far more complete If w T e, the dove in gaining, killed the kite. Oh, I am crazed — forgive me — I would love I know not how. A soul Of misery made of gloom.

Hernani, Victor Hugo

How grand you look! A very worthy lord he is — senile, White-hair ‘d and jealous. Sylvie Dauvin ; Jacques Dauvin Find more information about: Who’ll succeed to him? When I see A youthful peasant, singing blithe and gay, In the green meadows, often then I muse — I, in my dismal paths, and murmur low: Ruy Gomez de Silva kills himself.