Complete summary of Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Analysis and discussion of characters in Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. “Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay”, a slightly creaking comedy, is now most noted for having anticipated television. One of Friar Bacon’s tricks (his namesake.

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But as Alcmena’s bastard raz’d this tree, So will I raise him up as when he liv’d, And cause him pull the dragon from his seat, And tear the branches piecemeal from the root.

Wert thou to Edward second to himself, Sole friend, and partner of his secret loves! And upon that I will lead the way; only I will have Miles go before me, because I have heard Henry say that wisdom must go before majesty. What I have heard, what passions I have seen, I’ll make report of them unto the earl.

Now, Miles, in thee rests Friar Bacon’s weal. How fond the prime of wanton years were spent In love O, fie upon that fond conceit Whose hap and essence hangeth in the eye! For bujgay that reads but mathematic rules Shall find conclusions that bacin to work Wonders that pass the common sense of men. But I will circle England round with brass. Thus, rulers of our academic state. Marry, we would speak with Friar Bacon.

Words from Ian McKellen

Within this glass prospective thou shalt see This day what’s done in merry Fressingfield ‘Twixt lovely Peggy and the Lincoln Earl. Why, thou arrant dunce, shall I never make thee a good scholar?

When Edward learns of the love of Lacy and Margaret, he threatens to bugay his friend — before he masters his passion and reconciles himself to the fact. Why, thou canst not speak one word of true Latin. What say you to this, Master Burden?

Lord Lacy, yield, I’ll be your gaoler once. And I, my lord, will have pioners to undermine the town, that the very gardens and orchards be carried away for your summer-walks. They sit and gaze into the glass. Peggy, farewell to thyself; Listen how well I’ll answer for thy love. Come, Sussex, let us in–we shall have more, For she speaks least, to hold her promise sure.

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But send your train, my lord, into the town, My scholar shall go bring them to their inn. Marry, friend, I put on my spurs; for if I find your pace either a trot or else uneasy, I’ll put you to a false gallop; I’ll make you feel the benefit of my spurs. Why, then, sirrah, I’ll teach thee how to deceive Love.

Therefore such gross and earthly spirits do serve For jugglers, witches, and vile sorcerers; Whereas the pyromantic genii Are mighty, swift, and of far-reaching power.

Hath he not done a point of cunning skill? This base attire Better befits an humble mind to God Than all the show of rich habiliments. By my troth, Margaret, here’s a weather is able to make a man call his father whoreson. Could you not judge when all your swords grew fait. Bungaj, sir, I’ll send to the Isle of Ely for bungxy or five dozen of geese, and I’ll have them tied six and six together with whip cord.

And from those wounds those bloody Jews did pierce. Then am I double prisoner to thyself. See’st thou not great Bacon here, Whose frown doth act more than thy froar can? As frira as Bungay is at Brazen-nose, And I have chatted with the merry friar, I will post hie me to Fressingfield, And quite these wrongs on Lacy ere’t be long. Marry, sir, three or four as honest devils and good companions as any be in hell.

Bacon doth more than art, or else I fail. Send letters speedily to Oxford of the news. A farmer’s son, that never was so quaint But that he could do courtesy to such ahd. What, doctor, in a dump! Stay, what rumour is this? Sir, we are Suffolk-men and neighbouring friends; Our fathers in their countries lusty squires; Their lands adjoin–in Cratfield mine doth dwell, And his in Laxfield.


Ermsby, if thou hadst seen, as I did, note it well, How beauty play’d the huswife, how this girl, Like Lucrece, laid her fingers to the work, Thou wouldst, with Tarquin, hazard Rome and all To win the lovely maid of Fressingfield.

He digs his spurs into his roaring steed, and rides off in triumph. Your honour hath said well; but shall we to Brazen-nose College before we pull off our boots? Send comments and error reports to: A wife in name, but servant in obedience. Bzcon o’ God, I have almost broke my pate!

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What, dost thou taunt us with thy peasants’ fare, And give us cates fit for country swains? Madam Nell, never believe him, though he swears he loves you. Out with your purse, we must have fairings now.

Think you that the watching of the Brazen Head craves no furniture! The relationship between FBFB and other plays of its era, some of which may have served as sources, has been noted above.

Then must we all make suit unto the friar, To Friar Bacon, that he vouch this task, And undertake to countervail in skill The German; else there ‘s none in Oxford can Match and dispute with learned Vandermast. Captain’s Quarters July 28, at Meanwhile we’ll see the knavery of the earl.

A Study in Greene: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay | Interesting Literature

Take thy pistols in hand, Miles. For if thy cunning work these miracles, England and Europe shall admire thy fame, And Oxford shall in characters of brass, And statues, bacoj as were built up in Rome, Etern’ise Friar Bacon for his art. Hath not each eye that view’d thy pleasing face Surnamed thee Fair Maid of Fressingfield?