According to the results of lactose-tolerance tests and intestinal lactase assays, one-third of . Vasconcellos D, Goncalves A: Deficiencia de lactase en adultos. A number sign (#) is used with this entry because congenital lactase deficiency is caused by homozygous or compound heterozygous mutation in the LCT gene. Por lo general, se debe a la deficiencia de lactasa, una enzima que se produce en el intestino delgado. Muchas personas tienen niveles bajos.

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The moral of this story is… Until internet opened new horizons, what was written in books, in the law or in publications by recognised institutions was often considered spotless.

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Identification of a variant associated with adult-type hypolactasia. What does Lapp mean? In disaccharide intolerance II, cellobiose intolerance would be expected as well as that for lactose. They raised the question of a defect in a control mechanism ‘in trans’ as the basis of the abnormality.


Then how do we believe should it be translated? Lactose, not normally found in the blood, may have toxic effects as does fructosephosphate in fructose intolerance and galactosephosphate in galactosemia Why can all these translations be considered inaccurate? Segregation analysis, assuming complete ascertainment, showed agreement with the number expected. Affected sibs were reported by Holzel et al.


We will respond to deficiencai feedback. Unfortunately, it is not free to produce. Yes, English can be a very concise language and English speakers can be shortcutters and acronymaniacs sometimes… but it just takes a minute to look it up in the dictionary and find out that the Lapps are actually the people of Lapland.

It is a more serious disorder with vomiting, failure to thrive, dehydration, disacchariduria including lactosuria, renal tubular acidosis, and amino aciduria. Take a look at our subscription options. High frequency of lactose absorbers among adults with idiopathic senile and presenile cataract in a population with a high prevalence of primary adult lactose malabsorption. Congenital lactose intolerance is probably a different disorder related to gastric absorption of lactose and lactosuria.

However, no association was found between these variants and congenital lactase deficiency in 19 Finnish families. Il Pensiero Scientifico pub.

Intolerancia a la lactosa – Síntomas y causas – Mayo Clinic

Endocrine and Genetic Diseases of Childhood. Lapp in their lab. A funny but extremely common mistranslation: In Spanish, French and Portuguese, the translation sounds like the lactase deficiency was discovered by Mr.

By linkage analysis in 19 Finnish families, Jarvela et deficiencai. On the package leaflet of virtually every drug product containing lactose, the following warning can be read: Sign up for a FREE trial. Congenital lactose intolerance of lacttase origin associated with cataracts.

Although the disorder can be fatal if not recognized, change to a milk-free diet leads to lcatase recovery, and after 6 months of age a normal diet with milk is well tolerated Hoskova et al. Congenital lactase deficiency is one of the approximately 30 rare recessive disorders that are relatively common in Finland.


Convincing direct demonstration of lactas lactase in biopsies obtained in infancy has been achieved only twice before, according to the authors.

Specificity of the human intestinal disaccharidases and implications for hereditary disaccharide intolerance. Sucrose, maltose, and starch are well tolerated.

What shows this article is that there is no harm in questioning well-established standards! If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here: A number sign is used with this entry because congenital lactase deficiency is caused by homozygous or compound heterozygous mutation in the LCT gene on chromosome 2q Please enter a valid username and password and try again. They made the additional important observation of cataracts in the male proband, his father, 2 paternal uncles, and his paternal grandfather, all of whom had lactosuria.

Lactose intolerance associated with cataracts.

The disorder occurs with breastfeeding as well as bottle-feeding. Your feedback has been submitted successfully.