DARK TRIUMPH By Robin LaFevers Houghton Mifflin Books for Children Paperback: Hardcover: (Original. Sybella’s duty as Death’s assassin in 15th-century France forces her return home to the personal hell that she had finally escaped. Love and romance, history. An assassin with a will of steel fights her way through deadly palace deceptions, sickening sexual servitude and baffling assignments from her.

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So many times you will question your own sanity because Robin LaFevers doesn’t reveal everything outright. She is the frigging most vile character. They were called charbonneries, I think I got that right, they were pretty fierce and living wild.

DARK TRIUMPH by Robin LaFevers | Kirkus Reviews

He is a beast of a man, he is actually called Beast of Waroch. This is the website for my YA books about assassin nuns in medieval France. We only got to see what’s on the surface of her in book 1, and in book 2, everything changes. The story focuses on Sybella and Beast, two strong characters with dark pasts who xark coming to terms with their place lxfevers the world while forging a slow burn romantic relationship.

Through her eyes, Ismae looks so bubbly and innocent, trriumph crazy. And I love your last name. He lives life so joyously – it is impossible not to want that joy for oneself. I lean forward, pushing my body out past the battlements. Ismae and Duval was just in this for a few pages and that place was cool.

Dark Triumph: His Fair Assassin Book Two

Sybella knows no such thing. I liked this book so much better than the first one for many reasons. If you don’t want to know who the knight was, don’t read on.


Sybella seems a bit more empowered than Ismae, and will likely be a big hit with those disappointed by that part of Grave Mercy. Sybella is such a fantastic character. I loved seeing them together again. The Beast of Waroch: Dark Triumph is a darker tale than Grave Mercy. Annith was almost nonexistent in her quiet presence. He is really cool and I just love him.

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers Review

The seeds are already there, Sybella for one is a very different character from Ismae, a tortured character, and not only does she not have any hesitation towards killing, she actually revels in it.

Subscribe to my newsletter You can also sign up to receive blog updates by email here. She becomes a master at hiding her fears, she is dangerous with most weapons, especially knives, and the one thing that keeps her going is her need for vengeance, her longing to put an end to the man who has made her life a living hell — her father an absolutely disgusting character, a true monster, one of the worst villains out there.

Lists with This Book. He looks down at his enormous, scarred hands. She is trained in the deadly arts and she becomes really good at it, as not only does she lack hesitation towards killing when ordered, but she actually enjoys it as it gives her plenty of control.

Indeed whereas Ismae’s book dragged on the underwhelming side, nothing could have prepared me for the kaleidoscope of emotions I felt while following Sybella and Beast in their battles. Brendan My favorite of the series, though the other two are also excellent.


Sybella is very much different from Ismae, more bloodthirsty. Now that she is a grown woman and fully prepared, lqfevers nuns send Sybella to return to her childhood home to spy on her father, and to endure the horrors within.

Carina’s Books: Review: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Ich habe es gesagt. The love story between Sybella and Beast is absolutely adorable. The only thing I don’t really care for is the political plot, as it doesn’t interest me.

This book took place after the final battle in Grave Mercy. Basically I loved this book.

While the other men in Sybella’s life mold her into what they want, Beast accepts Sybella as she is with her assassin skills, dark past, and treachery. She’s so strong and kind and good and badass and a proper assassin. And there’s also a lot more fighting! Sybella is not a likeable character at first, she says robun herself.

It was seen as a bit of a cop-out, as though Ismae needed an excuse to have sex. It was packed with action until the very last chapter. Their relationship develops and they establish a bond built on mutual respect. That man is known as Beast and is known and loved throughout the region. See all 10 questions about Dark Triumph…. Nothing is more blissful than revenge, but she had yet to succeed without losing herself. I really liked the romance and this one, and it went a direction not usually found.