The Maximus Poems [Charles Olson, George F. Butterick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated. Dogtown, the wild, rock-strewn centre of Cape Ann, next to Gloucester, is an important place in The Maximus Poems. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors, Charles Olson ( ) was declared by William Carlos Williams to be a major poet with a.

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All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge The only drawback is that the content can get quite boring: The pay check does. The unmediated use of ‘raw’ factual material not only bears cbarles to the past but, when done well, says something fundamental about the way in which events and processes have been recorded and the implications for us in this particular now.

Feb 05, stephen rated it really liked it.

The Maximus Poems | Academy of American Poets

Even at sea I was slow, to get the hand out, or to cross a wet deck. Olson was born to Karl Joseph and Mary Hines Olson and grew up in Worcester, Massachusettswhere his father worked as a mail carrier. In this case there is a lament for a way of life that has passed away but there’s also something about the moribund city still holding on to its past, to the idea, rather than memory, of these men.

It is presented as above on a single page without any other context, the preceding pages appear to be unrelated and the following page says something brief and esoteric about meteors. Off-shore, by oslon hidden The second thing to note is that Maximus is very, very long, the University of California Press edition runs charkes pages and it covers a lot of ground.

For me, the greatest skill in the making of poems is producing something that requires a great deal of skill but ‘reads’ lightly, almost conversational.

It was first published in and collected in his first book of poetry, In Cold Hell, in Thicket I’m of the view that these two principles are the glue that hold The Maximus Poems together and this is most apparent in Olson’s writing about place and the effect olsin processes have on our landscape. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The whole work is also mediated through the voice of Maximus, based partly on Maximus of Tyrean itinerant Greek philosopher, and partly on Olson himself. As it is, I don’t regret I don’t often not give a book a rating – but I don’t think I’m qualified to give a rating because I think my reading experience was orthogonal to what the author intended.

However, on my first reading, this element wasn’t apparent to my small brain yet I still came away with an impression of greatness.

Dec 05, James Debruicker rated it liked it. At high school he was a champion orator, winning a tour of Europe including a meeting with William Butler Yeats as a prize.

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Olson entered Harvard University as a doctoral student in English in At that point, they moved to Washington, D. Harbor better than Champlain’s–Champlain a European with a home, American no place to go in landlessness alone resides, the Earth a skid for the American the Skater all over the surface of the skin But something about the overall syntax of the pages seemed haphazard, even on the relative scale of similar mega-life projects; it was too difficult for me to pick up some threads after they had disappeared so long.

Not enough poems in these Maximus Poems. Feb 16, Bonnie rated it did not like it. Reading the words of an Englishman pulled from history and moulded into the shape of Olson’s Gloucester while walking through the concrete landscape was incredibly fitting.

Jul 01, Maureen Thorson rated it really liked it. When Black Mountain College closed inOlson oversaw the settlement of the institution’s debts over the next five years and settled in Gloucester. Was surprised I didn’t enjoy this more.

Charles Olson

The inherent poms here is to compress a very complex event and to do so with precision so that this complexity is explored in depth.

The maximuus of the three volumes imagines an ideal Gloucester in which communal values have replaced commercial ones. Find on IndieBound Worldcat. He participated in early psilocybin experiments under the aegis of Timothy Leary in [7] and served as a distinguished professor at the University at Buffalo and visiting professor at the University of Connecticut Jun 20, Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Without getting overly lit crit on this, one of poetry’s ain functions is to bear witness, to memorialise and it does these things very well.


The Maximus Poems

Upset about the increasing censorship of his news releases, Olson went to work charlse the Democratic National Committee as director of the Foreign Nationalities Division in May Praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors, Charles Olson was declared by William Carlos Williams to be “a major poet with a sweep of understanding of the world, a feeling for other men that staggers me.

Good thing I only had the edition and not the complete edition – I think my reading ship chsrles have never have left shore. This is a poem fromtowards the end of the sequence:. Increasingly disenchanted with politics, he turned down both posts. Maybe because I didn’t grow up in Gloucester, MA?

Charles Olson – Charles Olson Poems – Poem Hunter

opson Plenty appealed–the spiraling of time, history into a geographically situated self; the alternative and subjective cartographies; Poets in The New American Poetry — During his studies, he concurrently worked at Winthrop House and Radcliffe College as an instructor and tutor in English.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: His second collection, The Distanceswas published in I will probably be “currently reading” this book for the rest of my life, but that’s a good thing. Leave this field blank.

The first thing to note is that this is not a sequence that suits a drive-by reading technical term suggesting a single and superficial dash through the text but needs, as with all serious work, some quite concentrated attention. In this instance there are Really Big Things being said about time, place and the elements yet these are presented in such a subdued and apparently casual manner that peoms reader maxiums realise fully what’s going on until some time later.