Hemosuccus pancreaticus, also known as pseudohematobilia or Wirsungorrhage is a rare cause of hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract. It is caused by a. Methods: We reviewed our experience with management of 17 patients admitted to surgery or gastroenterology units for hemosuccus pancreaticus between. Hemosuccus pancreaticus (HP) is a rare and potentially life threatening clinical entity and is described as bleeding from the ampulla of Vater.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided oancreaticus original work is properly cited. Hemosuccus pancreaticus HP is a very rare and obscure cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Due to its rarity, the diagnostic and therapeutic strategy for the management of this potentially life threatening problem remains undefined. The objective of our study is to highlight the challenges in the diagnosis and management of HP and to formulate a protocol to effectively and safely manage this condition.

We retrospectively reviewed the records of all patients who presented with HP over the last 15 years at our institution between January and December There were a total of 51 patients with a mean age of 32 years.

Nineteen patients had chronic alcoholic pancreatitis; twenty-six, five, and one patient had tropical pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, and idiopathic pancreatitis, respectively.

Six patients were managed conservatively. Overall mortality was 7. Length of followup hmosuccus from 6 months to 15 years. Upper gastrointestinal hrmosuccus in a patient with a history of chronic pancreatitis could be caused by HP. All hemodynamically stable patients with HP should undergo prompt initial angiographic evaluation, and if possible, embolization. Hemodynamically unstable patients and those following unsuccessful embolization should undergo emergency haemostatic surgery.

Centralization of GI bleed services along with a multidisciplinary team approach and a well-defined management hemowuccus is essential to reduce the mortality and morbidity of this condition. Hemosuccus pancreaticus HP is a rare and potentially life threatening clinical entity and is described as bleeding from the ampulla of Vater via the pancreatic duct. HP is often difficult to diagnose, partly because of its rarity and due to its anatomical location and also because the bleeding is often intermittent and cannot be easily diagnosed by esophagogastroduodenoscopy OGDscopy in the intermittent phase [ 14 ].

The diagnosis pancreatics not always easy to establish and often a long period elapses between the onset of the hempsuccus symptoms and the precise location of the source of bleeding [ 24 ]. We retrospectively reviewed the records of all 51 patients who presented with HP over the last 15 years at our institution between January and December We noted demographic data, history, diagnostic features including symptoms, physical examination and time to diagnosis, investigations and therapeutic modalities, as well as follow-up data.

Following aggressive resuscitation, they were subjected to esophagogastroduodenoscopy and a Duplex scan. In the event of continued destabilization or failed angioembolization, the patient was taken up for emergency surgery. Celiac trunk and pancreatifus mesenteric arteriography were performed transfemorally using a 4-F catheter. Images were obtained using the digital subtraction technique.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus: a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding

The treatment technique included a superselective catheterization of the feeding artery, followed by endosaccular treatment of the pseudoaneurysm. Proximal and distal feeding artery occlusions were done. All operated patients had a clinical examination after 1 month and were kept on routine followup.

Angioembolized patients had clinical examinations during the 6-month period and if a pseudocyst existed on US or CT scan, endoscopic or surgical therapy was planned. Persistently symptomatic patients with chronic pancreatitis were offered surgery when indicated.

The sample included forty-three men and eight women. Mean age was 32 years 11—55 years. Most common presenting symptoms were worsening anemia and malena in forty-seven and forty-eight patients. Transfusion requirements ranged from pancreqticus units to 12 units mean-7 units. Tables 1 and 2.

Twenty-six had tropical pancreatitis, nineteen patients had a diagnosis of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis, five patients had acute pancreatitis, and one patient was diagnosed as having idiopathic pancreatitis Table 3. The remaining patients had normal UGI endoscopic findings. Abdominal ultrasonography with Doppler examination was performed in all patients and diagnosed aneurysmal bleeding in nineteen patients.

Selective angiography was done in 45 patients with a therapeutic intent Table 4.

The combined modality of CECT angiogram and conventional angiogram showed that the pseudoaneurysm was located in the head of the pancreas in 31 patients and in the body or tail in the remaining 20 patients.

The mean range diameter of the pseudocyst was 67 10— mm and the mean diameter of the pseudoaneurysm was 24 7—80 mm. The pseudoaneurysm arose from the splenic artery in twenty-seven patients, from the gastroduodenal artery in nine, from a branch of the superior pancreaticoduodenal artery in two, from the inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery in two, and from the superior mesenteric artery in one patient.

An unnamed vessel in the pseudocyst wall was the cause of bleed in nine patients. A ductal communication with the splenic vein was found in one patient. Procedures included distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy in nine cases, central pancreatectomy in one case, intracystic ligation of the blood vessel in five cases, and aneurysmal ligation and bypass graft in one case Table 6 and Figure 2.

Six patients were managed without any therapeutic intervention apart from hemodynamic resuscitation, out of which four refused any form of therapy, and two patients exsanguinated before any therapeutic modality could be offered. There were four mortalities, one patient following surgery alone and one following surgery for a failed embolization. Two patients expired before any procedure could be performed. Morbidity included external pancreatic fistula in four patients managed conservativelyischemic cholecystitis managed with percutaneous cholecystostomy in one, wound infection in eleven patients, incisional hernia in three, and pneumonia in six patients Table 7.

Twelve patients were lost to followup. None of the thirty-five patients, who were followed up, experienced a recurrent bleed. Seven of the patients with chronic pancreatitis, who had undergone previous embolization, developed intractable pain and needed drainage procedures. Hemosuccus pancreaticus is a very rare cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Approximately cases have been reported in the literature since it was first reported by Lower and Farrell in [ 3 ].

Clinical symptoms and signs include UGI bleeding as evidenced by haematemesis and malena, of which malena is more common. Epigastric pain results from the elevation of pressure in the pancreatic ducts caused by blood clots [ 15 — 7 ]. The haemorrhage is usually intermittent, repetitive and, most often, not severe enough to cause haemodynamic instability despite the usual arterial origin of bleeding [ 78 ].

Other clinical signs are more exceptional and include jaundice, vomiting, weight loss, and a palpable pulsating mass with a systolic thrill in the event of aneurysm [ 17 — 9 ]. Liver hemosucucs test is normal apart from an increased serum bilirubin in the event of pancreaticobiliary reflux. Serum amylase is normal outside episodes of acute pancreatcius.

It is difficult to diagnose HP because hemosuccus bleeding is usually intermittent.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus: A mini-review

Endoscopy is essential in ruling out other causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and in rare cases; active bleeding can be seen from the duodenal ampulla [ 9 — 11 ]. Even though endoscopy may be normal, it helps to rule out other causes of upper digestive bleeding erosive gastritis, peptic ulcers, and oesophageal and gastric fundus varices, etc. Ultrasonography can be used to visualize pancreatic pseudocysts or aneurysm of the peripancreatic arteries. Doppler ultrasound or dynamic ultrasound has been reported to be diagnostic.

Contrast-enhanced CT is an excellent modality for demonstrating the pancreatic pathology and can also demonstrate features of chronic pancreatitis, pseudocysts, and pseudoaneurysms.

On precontrast CT, the characteristic finding of clotted blood in the pancreatic duct, known as the sentinel clot, is seldom seen. Computed tomography may show simultaneous opacification of an aneurysmal artery and pseudocyst or persistence of contrast within a pseudocyst after the arterial phase.

Again, these findings are only suggestive of the diagnosis. Ultimately, angiography is the diagnostic reference standard. Angiography identifies the causative artery and allows for delineation of the arterial anatomy and therapeutic intervention [ 912 — 16 ]. HP is an entity diagnosed on clinical, endoscopic, and radiological findings, and a definitive diagnosis can be established only with angiography.

Hemosuccus Pancreaticus: A Mysterious Cause of Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Overall, the diagnosis of HP requires a high index hemosuccuz suspicion in patients with pancreatitis and GI bleeding. The natural history of hfmosuccus pancreatic pseudocysts and the risk of pseudoaneurysm formation are not well known [ 14 — 16 ]. In a hemosucxus of 14 patients with chronic pancreatitis and bleeding pseudocysts, 11 were treated successfully with embolization and 3 needed an operation.

This compares favorably with the mortality rate of our series 7. The authors concluded that arterial embolization is recommended as the initial oancreaticus method, and further hemosuxcus should be reserved for patients in a good general condition who have other complications of chronic pancreatitis that need jemosuccus [ 20 ]. Distal pancreatectomy for bleeding pancreatic pseudoaneurysms in the body or tail of the pancreas is a surgical alternative to angioembolization [ 2122 ].

When the pseudoaneurysm is located in the head of the pancreas, surgical resection is associated with increased mortality and morbidity, and angioembolization alone has been proposed as the recommended treatment modality of choice [ 19202324 ]. Early angiography has halved the mortality rate. Angiographic intervention of a haemorrhage from pseudoaneurysm in HP can be carried out either to stabilize the patient in order to perform elective surgery or as a definitive treatment [ 222325 ].

Failure of catheter embolization may result from factors such as inability pancrreaticus isolate the bleeding vessel, spasm of the bleeding vessel, incomplete arterial occlusion, or misidentification hemosccus the bleeding vessel [ 212526 ]. If a conservative transarterial approach is selected in a patient with chronic pancreatitis, the remaining diseased pancreas adjacent to the previously injured artery may be the source of reoccurrence of arterial injury and bleeding.

With increasing expertise and the use of superselective angiocatheters, therapeutic embolization can serve as a definitive management strategy. Surgical treatment is indicated in uncontrolled haemorrhage, persistent shock, when embolization is hemosuccys feasible or when embolization fails continued pancreatlcus recurrent bleeding. It is also indicated in patients who have other indications for operative intervention pseudocyst, pancreatic abscess, gastric outlet obstruction, obstructive jaundice, or incapacitating pain and are otherwise appropriate surgical candidates [ 27 ].

Arterial ligation is also effective, but it does not avoid the risk of recurrence. Drainage of the pancreatic pseudocysts associated with arterial ligation is particularly effective and is associated with fewer complications of infection and necrosis compared with aggressive surgery [ 2125 — 27 ].

More aggressive surgery with pancreatic resection enables the treatment of both the pancreatic and hhemosuccus diseases.

Surgical procedures in our series included distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy, central pancreatectomy, intracystic ligation of the blood vessel, and aneurysmal ligation and bypass graft. In patients with chronic pancreatitis, pancreaticoduodenectomy or splenopancreatectomy are preferred by certain authors, but the problems of potential perioperative complications and postoperative pancreatic insufficiency should not be overlooked.

Less radical approaches such as central pancreatectomy and intracystic ligation of pseudoaneurysm can be performed in place of pancreaticoduodenectomy. Diagnosis is based on investigations that should be performed in all patients, preferably during a period of active bleeding. Therapeutic options consist of selective embolization and surgery.

Hemosuccus pancreaticus

All hemodynamically stable patients with HP should undergo hemosuccjs initial angiographic evaluation and if possible, embolization. A multidisciplinary team approach at a tertiary care centralized GI bleed centre with a well-defined protocol is indispensable in drastically reducing mortality and morbidity. Kumar contributed to conception and design, acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of data. Ravi drafted the paper and revised it critically for important intellectual content.

Jeswanth and Professor P. Ravichandran gave the final approval of the version to be published. International Scholarly Research Notices.


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Jimmy Dimora was a crime boss who ran a syndicate out of the halls of county government. A federal grand jury charged the dimlra county commissioner with racketeering under the same laws used to dismantle organize crime across the country. The new charges, which incorporate those made in a September indictment, accuse Dimora and cronies of corrupting nearly every aspect of county government.

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Dimora indicted (again) on federal racketeering, tax charges |

He began calling contractors, seeking invoices for the work at his home so he could make payments. One of the contractors was Melaragno, whose company poured the concrete footers for Dimora’s outdoor kitchen. The charges do not estimate how much he owes. Prosecutors claimed that Mohammad paid bribes to obtain two jobs in the county.

Dimora indicted (again) on federal racketeering, tax charges

The charges also state that Mohammad, who also was charged in September, is accused of obstructing the investigation. In Octoberthe charges state, Jndictment spoke with Daniel Gallagher, a friend of Russo’s who pleaded guilty in to the corruption charges. If he did, I would say he is expletive lying.

The racketeering charges follow the disclosure in January that Russo is cooperating with prosecutors in an attempt to reduce a year prison sentence.

Dimora – Third Superseding Indictment

Following his cooperation, prosecutors have brought a flurry of new charges. Russo is expected to testify against Dimora. Federal agents went public with their investigation in Julywhen they raided the home and offices of county officials, including Dimora’s, and the headquarters of fimora doing business with the county.

Dimora left office in December, when a new charter government approved by corruption-weary voters replaced the commissioners and most other indictent offices. He denies wrongdoing indictmeng is expected to go to trial later this year.

All told, the corruption investigation has resulted in guilty pleas by more than 50 contractors and public officials, including Russo, one of Dimora’s closest political allies. Plain Dealer Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, shown in a file photo, was indicted today on federal racketeering and tax charges.

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Pusryčiai: avižinė košė su stikline pieno. Sportas Aprašiau čia: https://bukturbo. as-knygos/ Apačioj receptas. Herbjorg Wassmo “Dinos knyga” (trilogija), “Stiklinė pieno”. Book. Herbjorg Wassmo “Septintas susitikimas”. Book. Herbjorg Wassmo “The seventh meeting”. Susipa žinę su knygos skyriuje „Žinomi pasaulio bitininkai” gyvenimo truk- .. P a g a m i n o t r i a u k š č i u s avilius s u v i e n a stikline sienele, k u r i e labai ū g š t y s: a c t o, o k s a l o, p i e n o, s k r u z d ž i ų, n e s j ų y r a m e d u j e.

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This publication is partially supported by grants from the following individuals and institutions: In a Lithuanian cemetery stands a monument erected by the sons and the daughters of a woman who died in exile in Siberia. This documentary knygq attempts to depict the torment ofLithuanians who were deported from their stilkine country to die in the slave labor camps of Pleno, where they perished from the extreme cold, starvation, and unbearably difficult work in mines and forests without the proper clothing or food, under the cruel oppression of unscrupulous knygz.

In complete violation of a peace treaty with Lithuania signed on July 20,and disregarding the solemn stipulations agreed to by Russia on September 28,in a stioline pact with Lithuania, the Soviet Union invaded this Baltic State on June 15,withsoldiers supported by armored forces and planes. The occupation of the country followed by signing of secret agreements with the Nazis in by Ribbentrop and Molotov, in which Hitler sanctioned the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, and the payment of 7.

By stationing one armed Soviet soldier for every ten or twelve inhabitants, Moscow took control of the political life of Lithuania. Moscow was well aware that Lithuanians resent foreign domination.

For 22 years Lithuanians had enjoyed a free and independent life after the abhorrent captivity which they had suffered under the czars for years. To terrorize and subdue the population, the Russians carried out mass deportations, which also served as a preliminary step in their goal of colonizing the country.

According to data collected by the Lithuanian Red Cross, during that period 34, persons were deported to Siberia and other distant regions of the Soviet Union. The largest groups comprised elementary- and secondary-school students 6, and farmers 3, Housewives numbered 1,; office workers, 1,; teachers, 1,; laborers, ; servicemen, ; university and college students, These statistics on age groups and professions were compiled from a list of 20, persons stiklone.

stikline pieno knyga pdf – PDF Files

The mass sikline took place mainly at nighttime. People were surprised in their homes, allowed to take only very limited supplies of food and clothing, and crammed into freight cars, persons to a car.

The windows of the cars were boarded up, with only small cracks left open. Knyag several days of traveling, people began to faint from the lack of water, food, and fresh air in the exhaustive summer heat. There were instances of infant deaths, where the little bodies were mercilessly thrown from the train to be buried beside the railroad tracks.

Men were separated from their wives, and in many cases children were separated from their mothers.

The long journey into the depths of Stikkline killed many of the weak and the sick, especially infants and elderly people. Some even ended up on the islands of the North Knygx, where the climate is extremely severe. Some of them were left out in open fields without any means of shelter, without the proper tools to construct some form of protection from logs, earth, and moss, having to do this with their bare hands.

Most of the deportees were confined in forced-labor camps. The same system of mass deportations was resumed during the second Soviet occupation beginning in Thirteen waves of mass deportations were carried out from to Deportations continued also in later years and have not ceased completely even now.

This book contains many documentary eyewitness accounts by deportees who managed to survive and reach the free western world. Also presented are excerpts from the hundreds of letters received by relatives and friends from the deportees, together with numerous photographs of deported Lithuanians in Siberia.

No one kknyga permitted to take photographs in the slave labor camps or the mines. These photographs are not of prisoners but of those in exile, taken on some solemn occasion such as a wedding or funeral.

In general, the life of the deportees was extremely difficult. As we read in the statements by eyewitnesses published in this book, inmates of the forced-labor camps were used for logging operations, even in winter without being provided the proper attire; for mining coal and other minerals; drilling oil wells; quarrying stone; building roads and railroads; digging tunnels and canals; building airports.

They were even used in some experiments involving dangerous radiation. Some deportees were assigned to work in Communist farms and factories. Inmates of slave srikline camps had to endure systematic cruelty. They were always hungry and lacked proper clothing and shelter. The work quotas were very high, and the tools were primitive. But many of them failed to do so and had to try to survive on starvation rations.

The situation of the deportees on the island of Trofimovsk was unbelievably difficult. Several hundred inmates of slave labor camps and their children died there during the cold polar nights.

Since the ground was permanently frozen, their bodies lay under the snow beside barrack walls, doorways, and the hospital until the spring thaw. Many deportees perished in the severe Siberian storms. In desperation, some tried to escape but were caught and killed.

The documentary statements provided by the scarce handful of surviving deportees, as well as the photographs of Lithuanians exiled to Siberia and the excerpts of their letters published in this book were collected from four continents: The statements are given under their own names, except in cases where there could be danger to relatives or friends.

May this book be a memorial to those numerous thousands of Lithuanians who perished knygga Siberia and whose bodies lie in unmarked graves under the perpetually frozen ground.

Forumas / Tik pirmyn!

May these facts about the unspeakable torments undergone by inmates of the gulags of the Soviet Union inflame universal resistance to the exploitation and torture of innocent victims of aggression and colonial expansion.

Kaunas, VII 16 d. Tai buvo labai sunkus darbas. Tai grupei vadovavo Kratanas nelietuvis. Pagal buvusio komisaro J. Toji sutartis m. Moteris su vaikais palikdavo kartu. Retais atvejais teisdavo karinis tribunolas daugiausia rusai. Stiklkne stovi ginkluotas kareivis. Vyrai ir moterys laikomi atskirose stovyklose. Pagal tas raides, sutrumpintai kalinius vadindavo zekais. Toks kalinys vis tiek turi gyventi stovykloje. Kuprys — tarnautojas, J.

Ji buvo taip nusigandusi, kad visa. Pasakiau, kad noriu pasimatyti su Kurakinu. Labai kaitri ir tvanki diena. Tolimoje Argentinoje, Buenos Aires pienno, sutikau kun.

Su jomis buvo ir vaikai. Stiklinw vagono galuose buvo sargyba. Visa stovykla skendo tamsoje. Skystos sriubos, daugiau nieko. Profesoriaus religinis jausmas buvo labai gyvas. Blogiausia eiliniams tremtiniams—tik sriuba. Justo Dapkaus daugiau nebeteko ,nyga. Ne visuose vagonuose taip buvo. Tas pat buvo ir kituose vagonuose. Ar teisingi, ar neteisingi gandai—sunku buvo patikrinti. Tai ir visi patogumai.

Vieni koridorinio tipo, kiti ne. Kiekviename kambaryje buvo gana didelis neatidaromas langas. Tos plytos paskirtis buvo trejopa: Vyrai ir moterys drauge. Tas pat buvo ir su Zivu. Gaila, kad jau buvome per silpni ir tam darbui. Maistas valgykloje beveik nesikeisdavo. Duonos tuo metu net nesuvalgydavome. Taip buvo m. Tik pykome, kad ir tas labai liesas buvo. Maniau, kad Siktivkare su maistu bus lengviau.

Mano mama m. Pirma vyrai, paskui moterys. Nors ir labai stengiausi eiti greitai, bet vis nuo sesers atsilikdavau. Kai liko iki Siktivkaro 3 km—pervargau. Ji mane priregistravo mieste. Mano darbas buvo ardyti tuos senus megztinius. Buvo renkamos aukos karo reikalams.

Ten buvo ir jo brolis bei sesuo. Nuo iki m.

stikline pieno knyga pdf

Mirus Stalinui, sstikline drauge su kitais tremtiniais amnestuota. Kaliniai vos vos bepavilkdavo kojas. Tai buvo tos baisiosios m. Klemensas Jurkusg. Portunatas Jurkusg.


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El nomadismo : vagabundos iniciáticos

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The rights of prisoners of war depends on which country holds them. In this lesson, we will learn how the Supreme Court’s decision in ”Johnson v. Eisentrager”. [Source: U.S. Supreme Court JOHNSON v. EISENTRAGER, U.S. (); June 5, ; available on ]. Johnson, Secretary of Defense et al; Eisentrager alias Ehrhardt et al. Categories, War crimes. Keywords, detention, international armed conflict, jurisdiction, war.

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Respondents, who are nonresident enemy aliens, were captured in China by the United States Army and tried and convicted in China by an American military commission for violations of the laws of war committed in China prior to their capture. They were transported to the American-occupied part of Germany and imprisoned there in the custody of the Army. At no time were they within the territorial jurisdiction of any American civil court.

Claiming that their trial, conviction, and imprisonment violated Articles I and III, the Fifth Amendment, and other provisions of our Constitution, laws of the United States, and provisions of the Geneva Convention, they petitioned the District Court for the District of Columbia for a writ of habeas corpus directed to the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, and several officers of the Army having directive power over their custodian.

A nonresident enemy alien has no access to our courts in wartime. Courts will entertain his plea for freedom from executive custody only to ascertain the existence of a state of war and. Once these jurisdictional facts have been determined, courts will not inquire into any other issue as to his internment.

These nonresident enemy aliens, captured and imprisoned abroad, have no right to a writ of habeas corpus in a court of the United States. Ex parte Quirin, U. The Constitution does not confer a right of personal security or an immunity from military trial and punishment upon an alien enemy engaged in the hostile service of a government at war with the United States.

The petition in this case alleges no fact showing lack of jurisdiction in the military authorities to accuse, try, and condemn these prisoners, or that they acted in excess of their lawful powers. Since there is no basis in this case for invoking federal judicial power, it is not necessary to decide where, if the case were otherwise, the petition should be filed. The District Court dismissed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus to inquire into the confinement of respondents by the United States Army in occupied Germany.

The Court of Appeals reversed. This Court granted certiorari. The ultimate question in this case is one of jurisdiction of civil courts of the United States vis-a -vis military authorities in dealing with enemy aliens overseas.

The issues come here in this way:. Twenty-one German nationals petitioned the District Court of the District of Columbia for writs of habeas corpus. They alleged that, prior to May 8,they were in service of German armed forces in China. They amended to allege that their employment there was by civilian agencies of the German Government. Their exact affiliation is disputed, and, for our purposes, immaterial.

On May 8,the German High Command. These prisoners have been convicted of violating laws of war by engaging in, permitting, or ordering continued military activity against the United States after surrender of Germany and before surrender of Japan. Their hostile operations consisted principally of collecting and furnishing intelligence concerning American forces and their movements to the Japanese armed forces.

They, with six others who were acquitted, were taken into custody by the United States Army after the Japanese surrender, and were tried and convicted by a Military Commission constituted by our Commanding General at Nanking by delegation from the Commanding General, United States Forces, China Theater, pursuant to authority specifically granted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States.

The Commission sat in China, with express consent of the Chinese Government. The proceeding was conducted wholly under American auspices, and involved no international participation.

After conviction, the sentences were duly reviewed and, with immaterial modification, approved by military reviewing authority. The prisoners were repatriated to Germany to serve their sentences. He could not be reached by process eisentragger the District Court. The petition alleges, and respondents denied, that the jailer is subject to their direction.

The Court of Appeals assumed, and we do likewise, that, while prisoners are. The petition prays an order that the prisoners be produced before the District Court, that it may inquire into their confinement and order them discharged from johnxon offenses and confinement. It is claimed that their trial, conviction, and imprisonment violate Articles I and III of the Constitution, and the Fifth Amendment thereto, and other provisions of the Constitution and eisejtrager of the United States and provisions of the Geneva Convention governing treatment of prisoners of war.

A rule to show cause issued, to which the United States made return. Thereupon the petition was dismissed on authority of Ahrens v. Vx Court of Appeals reversed and, reinstating the petition, remanded for further proceedings. It concluded that any person, including an enemy alien, deprived of his liberty anywhere under any purported authority of the United States is entitled to the writ if he can show that extension to his cases of any constitutional rights or limitations would show his imprisonment illegal; that, although no statutory jurisdiction eisenrager such cases is given, courts must be held to possess it as part of the judicial power of the United States; that, where deprivation of liberty by an official act occurs outside the territorial jurisdiction of any District Court, the petition will lie in the District Court which has territorial jurisdiction over officials who have directive power over the immediate jailer.

The obvious importance of these holdings to both judicial administration and military operations impelled us to grant eisentrwger. The case is before us only on issues of law. The writ of habeas corpus must be granted “unless it appears from the application” that the applicants are not entitled to it.

We are cited to no instance where a court, in this or any other country where the writ is known, has issued it on behalf of an alien enemy who at no relevant time and in no stage of his captivity has been within its territorial jurisdiction. Nothing in the text of the Constitution extends such a right, nor does anything in our statutes.

Absence of support from legislative or juridical sources is implicit in the statement of the court below that “The answers stem directly from fundamentals. They cannot be found by casual reference to statutes or cases.

Modern American law has come a long way since the time when outbreak of war made every enemy national. But even by the most magnanimous view, our law does not abolish inherent distinctions recognized throughout the civilized world between citizens and aliens, nor between aliens of friendly and of enemy allegiance, [ Footnote 2 ] nor between resident enemy aliens who have submitted themselves to our laws and nonresident enemy aliens who at all times have remained with, and adhered to, enemy governments.

With the citizen we are now little concerned, except to set his case apart as untouched by this decision and to take measure of the difference between his status and that of all categories of aliens. Citizenship as a head of jurisdiction and a ground of protection was old when Paul invoked it in his appeal to Caesar. The years have not destroyed nor diminished the importance of citizenship, nor have they sapped the vitality of a citizen’s claims upon his government for protection. If a person’s claim to United States citizenship is denied by any official, Congress has directed our courts to entertain his action to declare him to be a citizen “regardless of whether he is within the United States or abroad.

This Court long ago extended habeas corpus to one seeking admission to the country to assure fair hearing of his claims to citizenship, Chin Yow v. United States, U.

When any citizen is deprived of his liberty by any foreign government, it is made the duty of the President to demand the reasons and, if the detention appears wrongful, to use means not amounting to acts of war to effectuate his release. The alien, to whom the United States has been traditionally hospitable, has been accorded a generous and ascending scale of rights as he increases his identity with our society. Mere lawful presence in the country creates an implied assurance of safe conduct and gives him certain rights; they become more extensive and secure when he makes preliminary declaration of intention to become a citizen, and they expand to those of full citizenship upon naturalization.

During his probationary residence. The Japanese Immigrant Case, U. And, at least sincewe have extended to the person and property of resident aliens important constitutional guaranties — such as the due process of law of the Fourteenth Amendment. But, in extending constitutional protections beyond the citizenry, the Court has been at pains to point out that it was the alien’s presence within its territorial jurisdiction that gave the Judiciary power to act.

johnsonn In the pioneer case of Yick Wo v. Hopkins, the Court said of the Fourteenth Amendment. Since most gs involving aliens afford this ground of jurisdiction, and the civil and property rights of immigrants or transients of foreign nationality so nearly approach equivalence to those of citizens, courts in peace time have little occasion to inquire whether litigants before them are alien or citizen. It is war that exposes the relative vulnerability of the alien’s status.

The security and protection enjoyed while the nation of his allegiance remains in amity with the United States are greatly impaired when his nation takes up arms against us. While his lot is far more humane. But disabilities this country lays upon the alien who becomes also an enemy are imposed temporarily as an incident of war, and not as an incident of alienage. Judge Cardozo commented concerning this distinction: American doctrine as to effect of war upon the status of johndon of belligerents took permanent shape following our first foreign war.

ICD – Johnson v. Eisentrager – Asser Institute

Chancellor Kent, after considering the leading authorities of his time, declared the law to be that “. If this was ever something of a fiction, it is one validated by the actualities of johnzon total warfare.

Conscription, compulsory service and measures to mobilize every human and material resource and to utilize nationals — wherever they may be — in arms, intrigue and sabotage, attest the prophetic realism of what once may have seemed a doctrinaire and artificial principle.

With confirmation of recent history, we may reiterate this Court’s earlier jhonson that, in war. The Rapid, 8 Cranch12 U. See also White v. And this without regard to his individual sentiments or disposition. The Benito Estenger, U. The johmson enemy is bound by an allegiance which commits him to lose no opportunity to forward the cause of our enemy; hence the United States, assuming him to be faithful to his allegiance.

It therefore takes measures to disable him from commission of hostile acts imputed as his intention because they are a duty to his sovereign. The United States does not invoke this enemy allegiance only for its own interest, but respects it also when to the enemy’s advantage. In World War I, our conscription act did not subject the alien enemy to compulsory military service. The Selective Service Act of62 Stat. Thus, the alien enemy status carries important immunities, as well as disadvantages.

The United States does not ask him to violate his allegiance or to commit treason toward his own country for the sake of ours. This also is the doctrine and the practice of other states comprising our Western Civilization. The essential pattern for seasonable Executive constraint of enemy aliens, not on the basis of individual prepossessions for their native land, but on the basis of political and legal relations to the enemy government, was laid down in the eisentragre earliest days of the Republic and has endured to this day.

It was established by the Alien Enemy Act of And it is to be noted that, while the Alien and Sedition Acts of that year provoked a reaction which helped sweep the party of Mr. Jefferson into power inand though his party proceeded to undo what was regarded as the mischievous legislation of the Federalists. This is in keeping with the practices of the most enlightened of nations, and has resulted in treatment of alien enemies more considerate than that.

This statute was eisentrxger or suffered to continue by men who helped found the Republic and formulate the Bill of Rights, and although it obviously denies enemy aliens the constitutional immunities of citizens, it seems not then to have been supposed that a nation’s obligations to its foes could ever be put on a parity with those to its defenders.

United States, Johnson v. Eisentrager

The resident enemy alien is constitutionally subject to summary arrest, internment, and deportation whenever a “declared war” exists. Courts will entertain his plea for freedom from Executive custody only to ascertain the existence of a state of war and whether he is an alien eisentrwger and so subject to the Alien Enemy Act.

Once these jurisdictional elements have been determined, courts will not inquire into any other issue as to his internment. The standing of the enemy alien to maintain any action in the courts of the United States has been often challenged, and sometimes denied.

The general statement was early made on jounson authority of Kent and Story “[t]hat they have no power to sue in the public courts of the enemy nation.

Our rule of generous access to the resident enemy alien was first laid down by Chancellor Kent inwhen, squarely faced with the plea that an alien enemy could not sue upon a debt contracted before the War ofhe reviewed the authorities to that time and broadly declared that.

A contrary doctrine would be repugnant to sound policy, no less sv to justice and humanity. A unanimous Court eisenteager clarified both the privilege of access to our courts and the limitations upon it.


The VS-5×5 5×5 Video Audio Matrix Switcher from Kramer is a high-performance matrix switcher for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. Offer Kramer VSA, 8×8 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher at Singapore. : Kramer Electronics VS-5×5 5×5 Composite Video and Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher: Electronics.

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The VS-5×5 5×5 Video Audio Matrix Switcher from Kramer is a high-performance matrix switcher for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. This is an ideal solution professional video display and monitoring systems, multimedia and presentation source and acceptor selection, production and oramer editing studios.

This unit is a 5×5 matrix that switches during the vertical interval to ensure glitch-free switching with genlocked sources. Switching synchronization allows you to reference either external or incoming video.

Kramer VS-5×5

A take button allows for the execution of multiple switches at once, audio breakaway switching is also a standard feature, and memory locations store multiple switch presets to be recalled and executed as needed. Gain level controls are also included with this unit.

Control of the system is managed through the unit’s front panel which includes a lockout security featureWindows-based control software, or an IR remote control.

The system comes ready to manage up to 70MHz of bandwidth. It also features a standard 19″ vx-5×5 and 2U height to accommodate easy rack placement. This model is designed for international use with a V AC world-wide power supply. Discontinued Update Location close.

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Kramer VS-5×5 5×5 Video Audio Matrix Switcher VS-5X5 B&H Photo

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Control Software Manage your system with unit’s front panel, Windows-based software control, or IR remote control. Rack Ready This unit is designed to fit into a standard 19″ rack and occupies only 2U of rack space. Be the first to review this item. See any errors on this page? DC at input, AC at krzmer.


Amendments to H.R – th Congress (): Patient Protection. Summary of H.R – th Congress (): Patient Protection and. H.R – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Actth Congress.

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The ACA’s major provisions came into force in By h.f.3590, the uninsured share of the population had roughly halved, with estimates ranging from 20 to 24 million additional people covered during Both involved protfction spending, funded through a combination of new taxes and cuts to Medicare provider rates and Medicare Advantage. After the law went into effect, increases in overall healthcare spending slowed, including premiums for employer-based insurance plans. The act largely retains the existing structure of Medicare, Medicaid, and the employer marketbut individual markets were radically overhauled around a three-legged scheme.

To combat resultant adverse selectionthe act mandates that individuals buy insurance and insurers cover a list of ” essential health benefits “. However, a repeal of the tax mandate, passed as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ofwill become effective in Other individual market changes include health marketplaces and risk adjustment programs.

The act has also faced challenges and opposition. The Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 in that states g.r.3590 choose not to participate in the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, although it upheld the law as a whole.

Ina unified Republican government failed to pass several different partial repeals of the ACA. Pztient law spent several years opposed by a slim plurality of Americans polled, although its provisions adt generally more popular than the law as a whole, [13] and the law gained majority support by The ACA includes provisions to take effect from toalthough most took effect on January 1, The individual insurance market was radically overhauled, and many of the law’s regulations applied specifically to this market, [1] while the structure of Medicare, Medicaid, and the employer market were largely retained.

Some were made discretionary, some were deferred, and others were repealed before implementation. The individual mandate [50] was the requirement to patiejt insurance or pay a penalty for everyone not covered by an employer sponsored health planMedicaidProtectioh or other public insurance programs such as Tricare.

Also exempt were those facing a financial hardship or who were members in a recognized religious sect exempted by the Internal Revenue Service. The mandate and the limits on open enrollment [52] actt were designed to avoid the insurance death spiral in which healthy people delay insuring themselves until they get sick. In such a situation, insurers would have to raise their premiums to cover the relatively sicker and thus more expensive policies, [50] [54] [55] which wct create a vicious cycle in which more and more people drop their coverage.

The purpose of the mandate was to prevent the healthcare system from succumbing to adverse selectionwhich would result in high premiums for the insured and little coverage and thus more illness and affordalbe bankruptcy for the uninsured. On December 20,the individual mandate was repealed starting in January via the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of “.

Afrordable be eligible the cost of employer-based health insurance must exceed 9. Established the creation of health insurance exchanges in all fifty states. The exchanges are regulated, largely online marketplaces, administered affordab,e either federal or state government, where individuals and small business can purchase private insurance plans.

Setting up an exchange gives a state partial afgordable on standards and prices of insurance. They can impose higher or state-specific coverage requirements—including whether plans offered in the state can cover abortion.

The responsibility for operating their exchanges moves to the federal government. The risk-corridor program was a temporary risk management device defined under the PPACA section [88]: For those years the Department of Patienr and Human Services HHS “would cover some of the losses for insurers whose plans performed worse than they expected.

Insurers that were especially profitable, for their part, would have to return to HHS some of the money they earned on the exchanges” [89] [90] [ attribution needed ]. According to an article in Forbesrisk corridors “had been a successful part of the Medicare prescription drug benefit, and the ACA’s risk corridors were modeled after Medicare’s Plan D.

Authorization had to be given so that HHS could pay insurers from “general government revenues”. Wheeler stated, “the Government made a promise in the risk corridors program that it has yet to fulfill. Today, the court directs the Government to fulfill that promise.

After avfordable, to say to [Moda], ‘The joke is on you. You shouldn’t have trusted us,’ is hardly worthy of our great government. Temporary reinsurance for insurance for insurers against unexpectedly high claims was a program that ran from through It was intended to limit insurer losses. Of the three risk management programs, protcetion risk adjustment was permanent. Risk adjustment attempts to spread risk among insurers to prevent purchasers with good knowledge of their medical needs from using insurance to cover their costs adverse selection.

Plans patieny low actuarial risk compensate plans with high actuarial risk. ACA revised and expanded Medicaid eligibility starting in Under the law as written, all U.

Sebelius that this provision of the ACA was coercive, and that the federal government must allow states to continue at pre-ACA levels of funding and eligibility if they chose.

Spending reductions included a reduction in Medicare reimbursements to insurers and drug companies for private Medicare Advantage policies that the Government Accountability Office and Medicare Payment Advisory Commission found to be excessively costly relative to government Medicare; [99] [] and reductions in Medicare reimbursements to hospitals that failed standards of efficiency and care. An excise tax of 2. Dependents were permitted to remain car their parents’ insurance plan until prottection 26th birthday, including dependents who no longer live with their parents, are not a dependent on a parent’s tax return, are no longer a student, or are married.

Businesses that employ 50 or more people but do not offer health insurance to their full-time employees pay a tax penalty if the government has subsidized a full-time employee’s healthcare through tax deductions or other means. This is commonly known as the employer mandate. The act includes a host of delivery system reforms intended to constrain healthcare costs and improve quality.

These include Medicare payment changes to discourage hospital-acquired conditions and readmissionsbundled payment initiatives, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovationthe Independent Payment Advisory Boardand the creation ptotection Accountable care organizations.

This program penalizes hospitals with higher than expected readmission rates by decreasing their Medicare reimbursement rate.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Medicare payment system switched from fee-for-service to bundled payments. In addition, the Medicare Part D coverage gap commonly called the “donut hole” was to shrink incrementally, closing completely by January 1, ACOs were allowed to continue using a fee for service billing approach. They receive bonus payments from the government for minimizing costs while achieving quality benchmarks that emphasize prevention and mitigation of chronic disease.

If they fail to do so, they are subject to penalties. From onwards, states can apply for a “waiver for state innovation” that allows them to conduct experiments that meet certain criteria. In MayVermont enacted Green Mountain Carea state-based single-payer system for which they intended to pursue a waiver to implement.

Nutrition labeling requirements of the Affordable Care Act were signed into federal law inbut implementation was delayed by the FDA several times until they went into effect on May 7, An individual mandate coupled with subsidies for private insurance as a means for universal healthcare was considered the best way to win the support of the Senate because it had been included in prior bipartisan reform proposals.

The concept goes back to at leastwhen the conservative The Heritage Foundation proposed an individual mandate as an alternative to single-payer health care. Specifically, because the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act EMTALA requires any hospital participating in Medicare nearly all do to provide emergency care to anyone who needs it, the government often indirectly bore the cost of those without the ability to pay.

President Bill Clinton proposed a healthcare reform bill in that included a mandate for employers to provide health insurance to all employees through a regulated marketplace of health maintenance organizations.

Republican Senators proposed an alternative that would have required individuals, but not employers, to buy insurance. The Republican alternative, introduced by Senator John Chafee as the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Actcontained a “universal coverage” requirement with a penalty for noncompliance—an individual mandate—as well as subsidies to be used in state-based ‘purchasing groups’.

Bushremarked, “I don’t remember that being raised at all. The way it was viewed by the Congressional Budget Office in was, effectively, as a tax. Inan insurance expansion bill was enacted at the state level in Massachusetts. The bill contained both an individual mandate and an insurance exchange.

Republican Governor Mitt Romney vetoed the mandate, but after Democrats overrode his veto, he signed it into law. During Romney’s presidential campaignSenator Jim DeMint praised Romney’s ability to “take some good conservative ideas, like private health insurance, and apply them to the need to have everyone insured”.

Romney said of the individual mandate: If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be the model for the nation.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Wikipedia

Many of the sponsors and co-sponsors remained in Congress during the healthcare debate. By many Democrats were considering this approach as the basis for healthcare reform. Experts said that the legislation that eventually emerged from Congress in and bore similarities to the bill [] and that it was deliberately patterned after Romney’s state healthcare plan. Healthcare reform was a major topic during the Democratic presidential primaries. As the race narrowed, attention focused on the plans presented by the two leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and the eventual nominee, Barack Obama.

Clinton’s proposal would have required all Americans to obtain coverage in effect, an individual mandate afffordable, while Obama’s proposal provided a subsidy but rejected the use of an individual mandate.

During the general electionObama said that fixing healthcare would be one of his top four priorities as president. John McCainproposed health insurance reforms though they differed greatly. Senator John McCain proposed tax credits for health insurance purchased in the individual market, which was estimated to reduce the number of uninsured people by about 2 million by Obama proposed private and public group insurance, income-based subsidies, consumer protections, and expansions of Medicaid and SCHIP, which was estimated at the time to reduce the number of uninsured people by After his inauguration, Obama announced to a joint session of Congress in February his intent to work with Congress to construct a plan for healthcare reform.

This group—in particular, Democrats Max BaucusJeff Bingaman and Kent Conradalong with Republicans Mike EnziChuck Grassley and Olympia Snowe —met for more than prootection hours, and the principles that they discussed, in conjunction with the other committees, became the foundation of the Senate healthcare reform bill. Crae —the bill’s drafters hoped to garner the votes necessary for passage.

However, following the adoption of an individual mandate, Republicans came to oppose the mandate and threatened to filibuster any bills that contained it. It was absolutely aand that everybody be together because if the proponents of the bill were able to say it was bipartisan, it tended to convey to the public that this is O. Republican Senators, including those who had supported previous bills with a similar mandate, began to describe the mandate as “unconstitutional”.

Journalist Ezra Klein wrote in The New Yorker that “a policy that once enjoyed broad support within the Republican Party suddenly faced unified opposition. The reform negotiations also attracted attention from lobbyists[] including deals between certain lobby groups and the advocates of the law to win the support of groups that had opposed past reforms, as in During the August summer congressional recess, many members went back to their districts and held town hall meetings on the proposals.

The nascent Tea Party movement organized protests and many conservative groups and individuals attended the meetings to oppose the proposed reforms. When Congress returned from recess, in September President Obama delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress supporting the ongoing Congressional negotiations. The Senate began work on its own proposals while the House was still working.

The United States Constitution requires all revenue-related bills to originate in the House. The bill became the Senate’s vehicle for its healthcare reform proposal, discarding the bill’s original content.

With the Republican Senate minority vowing to filibuster60 votes would be necessary to pass the Senate.


Malaria (ague or marsh fever) is an aguish infectious mosquito-borne disease. Malaria tertiana caused by plasmodium vivax and plasmodium ovale. •. Malaria. CXXVIII, fasc. V, Clinical Observations on Malaria Tertiana in. Finliind, and on the Diffcrence Between Autumn and Spring Malttria. BY. C. A. HERNBERG. Acta Medica Scandinavica · Volume , Issue 6 · Acta Medica Scandinavica banner. Malaria Tertiana and Renal Injury. C. A. HERNBERG. Helsingfors.

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Malaria is a fever disease caused by plasmodia, unicellular parasites. There exist five species which are pathogenic for humans and induce different forms of the disease: Plasmodium falciparum Malaria tropicaPlasmodium ovale and Plasmodium vivax Malaria tertianaPlasmodium malariae Malaria quartana and Plasmodium knowlesi — a species that was only recently recognized teritana be harmful for humans.

New treatment for malaria tertiana

Here, the parasite subsequently proliferates asexually via zdalah developmental stages. Through the bite of an infected mosquito, the parasite enters the human blood circulation and reaches the liver cells.

Within five to 18 days, depending on the adalag species, the protozoon develops intracellularly into a schizozoite, a multinucleated cell which gradually fills up the host cell and finally dissociates into numerous cells called merozoites. Eventually, the host cell bursts and the malariq are released and end up in the blood stream again, now attacking red blood cells. Within the erythrocytes, the parasite develops into new schizozoites.

With the destruction of the red blood cells, the resulting merozoites are released and infect more erythrocytes see image.

Those waves of erythrocyte destruction lead to the disease-characteristic fever episodes of the patients. Approximately millions of them fall ill every year,people die, of whom most are children.

Malaria to the 5

As soon as a patient returns with an undefined fever disease from a stay wdalah tropical regions, malaria is considered. Diagnostic gold standard is the microscopic detection of plasmodia within blood samples of the individual.

Experienced physicians may also differentiate the five species by means of their morphology. However, the determination of specific antibodies may indicate a previous contact with the parasite or a chronic or latent infection.

Thus, serological analyses may be of high importance in blood bank screening or in epidemiological studies. If antibodies against one of these species are present within the serum, these will be detected with very high sensitivity. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted.

You may visit the homepage to see the available pages in your desired language. Company Science Products People Events.

Tapeworm infections of humans Two novel ways of TBE virus transmission discovered. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Entire blog This feed contains every malria of this blog no matter in what category it was published.