Reginald Crundall Punnett FRS was a British geneticist who co-founded, with William Bateson, the Journal of Genetics in Punnett is probably best. Un cuadro de Punnett mostrando un retrocruzamiento típico. Reginaldo Crundall Punnett F.R.S. (20 de junio de — 3 de enero de )​ fue un. A Punnett Square shows the genotypes two individuals can produce when crossed. To draw a square, write all possible allele combinations one parent can .

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The allele combinations along the top and sides become labels for rows and columns within the square.

Complete the genotypes in the square by filling it in with the alleles from each parent. Since all allele combinations are equally likely to occur, a Punnett Square predicts the probability of a cross producing each genotype.

A single trait Punnett Square tracks two alleles for each parent. The square has two rows and two columns. Adding more traits increases the size of the Punnett Square.

Category:Punnett squares

Assuming that all traits exhibit independent assortment, the number of allele combinations an individual can produce is two raised to the power of the number of traits.

If the genes for the two traits are on the same chromosome, alleles for each trait will always appear in the same combinations ignoring recombination.

With one row or column for each allele combination, the total number of boxes in a Punnett Square equals the number of rows times the number of columns. Multi-trait Punnett Squares are large.

A three trait square has 64 boxes. A four trait square has boxes. The genotype in each box is equally likely to be produced from a cross.

File:Cuadro de – Wikimedia Commons

A two-trait Punnett Square has 16 boxes. The probability of a cross producing a genotype in any box is 1 in If one of the parents is a homozygote for one or more traits, the Punnett Square still contains the same number of boxes, but the total number of unique allele combinations is 2 raised to the power of the number of traits for which the parent is heterozygous.

A commonly discussed Punnett Square is the dihybrid cross. A dihybrid cross tracks two traits.

Reginald Punnett

This means that both parents have recessive alleles, but exhibit the dominant phenotype. The phenotype ratio predicted for dihybrid punnetr is 9: Of the sixteen possible allele combinations: A simpler pattern arises when one of the parents is homozygous for all traits.

In this case, the alleles contributed by the heterozygous parent drives all of the variability.

A two trait cross between a heterozygous and a homozygous individual generates four phenotypes, each of which are equally likely to occur. More complicated patterns can be examined. In an cuadraxo case when more than two alleles exists for each trait and the parents do not possess same alleles, the total number of genotypes equals the number of boxes in the Punnett Square.

Category:Punnett squares – Wikimedia Commons

It is possible to generate Punnett squares for more that two traits, but they are difficult to draw and interpret. A Punnett Square for a tetrahybrid cross contains boxes with 16 phenotypes and 81 genotypes. A third allele for any one of the traits increases the number of genotypes from 81 to Given this complexity, Punnett Squares are not the best cuwdrado for calculating genotype cuadrwdo phenotype ratios for crosses involving more than one trait.

Skip to main content. Number of traits in cross: Latest Illustrations Mitosis and Cytokinesis. Exponential Patterns and Large Numbers.


Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction) [Wallace Stegner] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer. An American masterpiece and iconic novel of the West by National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Wallace Stegner—a deeply moving narrative of one. Angle of Repose (Modern Library) [Wallace Stegner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize when it was first.

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Goodreads anggle you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer Prize-winning novel is a story of discovery—personal, historical, and geographical. Confined to a wheelchair, retired historian Lyman Ward stegjer out to write his grandparents’ remarkable story, chronicling their days spent carving civilization into the surface of America’s western frontier.

But his research reveals even more about his own life tha Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer Prize-winning novel is a story of discovery—personal, historical, and geographical. But his research reveals even more about his own life than he’s willing to admit. What emerges is an enthralling portrait of four generations in the life of an American family.


Published May 28th by Penguin first published Pulitzer Prize for Fiction To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angle of Reposeplease sign up. This book was recommended to me as a selection from Colorado. Although some of the book was set in Leadville, I think it more representative of Idaho where the story ends up.

Does anyone else understand why this is linked most strongly to Colorado? Deborah I think that the chapters on Leadville were among the most powerful in the book, mostly due to its exquisite description of the land and the mines at …more I think that the chapters on Leadville were among the most powerful in the book, mostly due to its exquisite description of the land and the mines at that time in history.

The Leadville mine in particular played a significant role in mining history. The book actually ends in Grass Valley, Ca. I think of the Idaho part as the more emotional part of their marriage, and the Leadville as a gripping description of what the land was really like.

The Leadville writing is what stayed with me most, and and I have read it twice. I hope you liked the book. It is based on a true story of the artists life. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [What happened at the end of the book? It doesnt seem to make sense. Seattle Al This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Lyman has a crazy dream involving his wife and Shelly, and when he awakens, he realizes that unless he forgives his wife and takes her back, he will …more Lyman has a crazy dream involving his wife and Shelly, and when he awakens, he realizes that unless he forgives his wife and takes her back, he will be forever locked in the same bitterness as his grandfather was.

What was heartbreaking to me about the end was Lyman’s realization that his idolized grandfather was not perfect. Oliver Ward was flawed in his unwillingness, or maybe inability, to accept Susan’s remorse. In opening his eyes to his grandfather’s feet of clay, Lyman may be able to avoid the same mistake and take back Ellen.

See all 6 questions about Angle of Repose…. Lists with This Book. May 27, Jim Fonseca rated it it was amazing Shelves: Layered on the frontier story is the fictional story of the man writing it who turns these pioneers into his grandparents. He has a local woman and her daughter help him bathe and dress, take dictation and type his story. Their family dramas provide us with at times humorous interludes to the main historical saga.

The daughter is a flower child from Berkeley and our old-fogey narrator spares no words in telling us what he thinks about that generation. The historical saga is mainly the true story of Mary Hallock Foote, child of a wealthy New York Quaker family, born in By marrying a young mining engineer headed west to make his fortune, Mary choose to leave her life of comfort and culture tied in with famous New York literary lights to go live in shacks in western towns where she was often the only educated woman for miles around.

It was as if she had gone to Mars. To keep her brain alive, she writes frequently to literary friends back east often without seeing them for years and we a learn a lot about her marriage, their family hardships and her financial struggles from these real letters. As her husband struggles, often her income becomes the sole support of the family.

Nothing went well; they always struggled financially and lost money on irrigation schemes. Contrary to the myth, the West was not made entirely by pioneers who had thrown everything away but an ax and a gun. Towns are like people. Old ones have character, the new ones are interchangeable. Nevada City is in the process of changing from old to new.

Yes, he had permission from the family to use her letters as historical background for the story. But he published many of her previously unpublished letters verbatim, making up a good portion of the book. The letters were later published separately in a book titled A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West: The Reminiscences of Mary Hallock Foote.

Deadwood, South Dakota from oldglorygunsmith. Leadville, Colorado in from narrowgauge. Mary Hallock Foote sketched by her daughter from Wikipedia View all 51 comments. Dec 12, Steve rated it it was amazing. Fellow Goodreaders know that feeling of exhilaration when a new entrant pushes its way onto a top-ten-of-all-time list. Of course, Goodreads reviewers also know the pressure involved in justifying the choice.

So what makes this one so good? As befits a top ten inclusion, here are ten factors that come to mind.

A Damn Good Story Lyman Ward is a former professor of history with a bone disease that put him in a wheelchai Fellow Goodreaders know that feeling of exhilaration when a new entrant pushes its way onto a top-ten-of-all-time list. A Damn Good Story Lyman Ward is a former professor of history with a bone disease that put him in a wheelchair.

She was an artist and later a writer transplanted from her genteel life in New York to be with her husband, the earnest engineer, out West. He specialized in big projects: His integrity prevented the material success he would have liked as a source of comfort for Susan. She created what culture she could in mining towns, and had become known for anlge illustrations and magazine articles about life in the West.

Stegner had permission to use real letters of a writer and painter from that era, lending the narrative an authentic voice. As their family dramas unfolded, Lyman had a few related episodes of self-discovery, all very cleverly done.

Complex Characters What book could ever be considered great without angoe interesting cast? Starting out, Lyman seemed like a stock character — the crusty recluse — but he becomes more central and more nuanced as the book goes on.

Angle of Repose

The way we see his grandparents through his eyes tells us a lot about him. To be honest, early repse his narration I was put off by his invented dialog and false anvle, but later, after he copped to this as a way to make them more real, I actually liked the device.

All the characters, the ones on the periphery included, seemed very credible, with emotions that rang stegnwr and unexpected depths that only a first-rate writer could have imagined. Lyman, with his background in history, was a very knowledgeable narrator. He had remarkable tunnel vision literally, since his disease prevented him from turning his head trained on his subjects.

Conflict Clashes were easy to come by when the refined East civilized society met sttegner rough-and-tumble West opportunity. Tightrope walks were performed between desire and moral responsibility, the practical and the romantic, and in the case of Lyman and a curvy young assistant, the stodgy academic and the free-spirited hippie. Was he more like his grandmother or grandfather? It turned out to be a key question.

Institutions The give-and-take of a marriage was a central theme. As Stegner himself said in a Paris Review interview: Susan is more talented in many ways than Oliver. She shows off better. But while I wrote that book, thinking that I was writing about og as a heroine, I came to the end of it thinking maybe he is the hero because there is a flaw in her, a flaw of snobbery.

On top of this, Lyman reflected on his own former marriage. Would he forgive his ex-wife for what she did to him? Should he have done more to prevent it from happening in the first place? More good questions both for him and for us. There is another physical law that teases me, too: The sound of anything coming at you — a train, say, or the future — has a higher pitch than the sound of the same thing going away. If you have perfect pitch and a head for mathematics you can compute the speed of the object by the interval between its arriving and departing sounds.

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner – Reading Guide – : Books

I have neither perfect angpe nor a head for mathematics, and anyway who wants to compute the speed of history? Like all falling bodies, it constantly accelerates. But I would like to hear your life as you heard it, coming at you, instead of hearing it as I do, a somber sound of expectations reduced, desires blunted, hopes deferred or abandoned, chances lost, defeats accepted, griefs borne.


Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (5th Edition) Armies: Bretonnia Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia is the current army book for the Bretonnians in. BOOK COVER: DAVID GALLAGHER. ART: JOHN BLANCHE WARHAMMER ARMIES – BRETONNIA. CONTENTS BRETONNIAN ARMY LIST. L.. KNIGHTS . Bretonnians are a tactically unique army with impressive models, .. solid defensive item (10 points cheaper than the talisman on the book).

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Bretonnia Warhammer Fantasy for sale | eBay

Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. This is a lot of x1 Circle of Blood campaign book and the army scenario lists needed to play the Circle of Blood Campaign. They have spent much of their lift in a box. This one is in near mint condition and has never been hung up. Perfect for framing and matting. Check out the pics.

Own a piece of GW history! For that I apologize upfront. It does however have plenty of stories and background found brtonnia else. This boxed set has been bfetonnia to inspect the contents, which are complete as shown see Photo 3. All components are unpunched and unused. Miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children under the age of Storms Of Chaos Beasts Of Chaos Includes the following books.

Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnia Armies Book. Well looked after by original owner. Very good condition See Pictures.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Army Book Bretonnia | eBay

World of Darkness – Old Ed. The condition of the item you will receive is Fair. Our grading system is listed below for your perusal. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. You’re looking at a Inquisitor: Thank you for viewing my items. I’m currently enrolled in the “Global shipping program”.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia

And it is the only way I ship internationally. Please check all shipping cost as well as import cost with Ebay.

I’m always willing to help out so please ask any question. Each book in the series describes in detail an army, its history and its heroes. Inside you will find The Pride of Bretonnia. Brand new Bretonnia supplement rule book for Warhammrt Fantasy Battles.

Condition of this oversize paperback is Very Good Plus, showing a hint of shelfwear. Cover has very little wear. Pages are in very good condition.

Got one to sell? You May Also Like.

Warhammer Fantasy Army book lot. AoS Army see all. WFB Army see all.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Army Book Bretonnia

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Isn’t it amazing that a simple method of sun-gazing (during safe hours) can restore Hira Ratan Manek or HRM continues to live only on sun energy and water. We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by Nature, which is our brain . HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is. According to India’s Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) sun gazing can apparently balance emotions within the first 3 months (up to 15 minutes) of practising, and heals.

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Do not engage in sungazing practices without proper training and medical supervision. Permanent eye injury and blindness may occur. Do not attempt to change your diet and live on sunlight or water alone. Before attempting any radical spiritual or dietary practice, seek qualified medical advice and spiritual supervision.

The Ancient Technique of Sun Gazing – Bridget Edwards

Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? Many proponents of this ancient technique, used by many cultures such as Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Tibetan and Indian yoga, report not only healing benefits to common illnesses, but obtaining super-human abilities such as advanced telepathy and going gzzing without the need for food. Sun gazing also known as sun-eating is a strict practice of gradually introducing sunlight into your eyes at the lowest ultraviolet-index times of day — sunrise and sunset.

Those who teach the practice say there are several rules to the practice. First, it must be done within the hour after sunrise or before sunset to avoid damaging the eyes.

It is important to only look at the sun when it is orange or red according to the ancients.

Looking at the sun when it is yellow or white, or uncomfortable in any way is not recommended. Second, you must be barefoot, in contact with the actual earth — sand, dirt or mud; and finally, you must begin with only 10 seconds the first day, increasing by 10 second intervals each day you practice. Following these rules make the practice safe, says sources. He has been practicing sun gazing for the past 12 years and has largely subsisted off solar energy since he began.

Others have reported losing the need for food after only 9 months of sun gazing by which time the practitioner has worked up to a maximum of 44 minutes. After 9 months of practice, you need only walk barefoot on the earth for 45 minutes per day, 6 days in a row to further the process of what has been initiated by sun gazing.

NASA confirmed that he was indeed able to survive largely on light with occasionally a small amount of buttermilk or water during this time. During your first 3 months of practice, the suns energy is moving through the eyes and charging the hypothalamus tract, says those who have studied this technique and used it. Brenard, the leading authority on the pineal gland. Furthermore, the pineal gland was expanding and not shrinking which is typically what happens after mid fifties and its maximum average size is about 6 x 6 mm, however for HRM, it has been measured to be at 8 x 11 mm.

The hypothalamus tract is the pathway to the rear of the retina which leads to the brain. The brain then, over time, becomes activated by the sub supply being received by the sun. You will first experience a relief of emthod tension and worry, mehtod most worry is fueled by the energy received by the foods we eat.

Though hunger is said to eventually cease, it is fine to continue eating regularly during initial stages, until appetite disappears naturally. Another benefit early on is said to be an increase in confidence and an ability to easily solve your problems, as you are without tension.

Everyone has at least a bit of psychosis, but during the first few months of sun gazing practice, it is reported that these attitudes go away and a positive nature gracefully replaces the old persona full of fears.

They say that by the time one is gazing 30 minutes per day building up 10 nethod per day all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain.

Sun-gazing: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Color therapists attribute their healing of certain diseases to flooding the body and brain with the particular color that is lacking — depending on the ailment. For example, in liver disease, the color green is deficient. The kidneys need red, and the heart, yellow.

All of the mtehod and all of the systems are said to respond to different colors of the rainbow, which is why it is also recommended to eat a diet rich in a variety of colors.

It is recommended during the month period that you use autosuggestion to see your body already healed of any snu weakness or disease.

As you continue the process, it is reported that after 6 months, the energy stored from the technique is no longer being used for repairing the body or the mind and can move now into supporting you in gaining more super-human abilities. How can the body take in sunlight in such a manner as to sustain life? Let us examine a possible method. There is a pathway from the retina, to the hypothalamus, called the retino-hypothalamic tract.

From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel via the pineal nerve Sympathetic nervous system to the pineal gland. These impulses inhibit the production of melatonin. When these impulses stop at night or in dark, when the light no longer stimulates the hypothalamus pineal inhibition ceases, and melatonin is released. The pineal gland is therefore a photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the human body.

The unexplored process of energy absorption, transformation, and processing from the Sun may occur here. The activation of pineal gland is a key step in psychic, spiritual and energy transformation processes. Suffice it to say that in this gland, energy processing and distribution can take place.

The pineal gland is the subtle controller of all endocrine glands, therefore controlling the endocrine system. Through secretion of melatonin, it also regulates the circadian rhythm, sleep wake cycle and it also slows down aging process.

It has psychic properties and it is said to be the seat of soul or mind. Sunlight may enter the eyes and be directly stored in the pineal gland. Pineal activation and charging through solar energy could be a vital step in higher evolution.

Once activated and charged by the Pineal gland, Solar Energetic factors may be transformed into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body.

If the initial processing of this energy starts in the pineal gland, how does it get to the rest of the body? By seven and a half months of gazing, now at 35 minutes, need and desire for food is dwindling. By 9 months, all taste for food, including aroma, all hunger pains and cravings disappear. During this barefoot walking, the pineal gland is said to become activated.

Professional sun gazers and those researching the science say that each toe is connected to a specific gland, and by walking barefoot on the Earth, you activate these glands. The big toe is thought to be aligned with the pineal gland, the second toe with the pituitary, then the hypothalamus, thalamus and finally the pinky toe correlates to the amygdala. Walking barefoot, with the sun now falling on the top of your head, practitioners claim to create a sort of magnetic field in and around yazing body that recharges you and your brain.

Apparently this walking barefoot part is the most important aspect of the practice. As you continue walking on the Earth, this is when the magic really begins. The pineal gland is activated more and more by this walking procedure. Intellect is said to increase, along with memory. The pineal gland has navigational and psychic capabilities, meaning telepathy, the possibility of flight… now we are getting somewhere! Have you ever thought you would like to have your body in more than one place at a time?

Well, sun-gazing is said to be the magical key to such abilities. If you can barefoot walk 45 minutes every day for a year — you are golden. At that point, only a maintenance of days a week is necessary to maintain the capabilities you have gazig.

Doctors and eye care professionals caution against looking directly at the sun, saying that it will damage the retina. However, if done correctly, sun-gazing at the correct times of day, sunrise and sunset, studies show there is no risk of damaging the eyes.

NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing | An Enlightened Perspective

Those who have been sun gazing for many years have had their eyes checked to show no damage, though it is advised that you have your eyes checked in the first few weeks of your practice, so you can know for yourself. After 90 days of accumulative gazing equaling 44 minutes, you cease the gazing and start the barefoot walking 45 minutes per day for 6 days. You will have to try it out and see for yourself. Stasia has graciously given permission to repost this material.

Mitchell Gibson is the author of The Enlightened Gzzing. Previous Next Do not engage in sungazing practices without proper training and medical supervision.

What is Sun Gazing? What happens to the body during Sun Gazing? By the end of 3 months, the gazing time will have increased to 15 minutes per day. At months of gazing, the studies show that physical diseases start to disappear.

This action will facilitate the process of returning to wholeness. How can we take in sunlight? For 6 days straight, one is to walk barefoot on the earth, 45 minutes per day. Are there any dangers? An Enlightened Perspective with Dr.


Product page for facsimile of Apicio, Apicio De Re Coquinaria Facsimile Apicio De re coquinaria: Tours, Francia, IX sec., Urb Lat Biblioteca. Apicius, De Re Coquinaria is a selection of Roman recipes, probably compiled in “Apicius – De Re Coquinaria”: Apicio – De Re Coquinaria facsimile edition. MARCUS GAVIUS APICIUS: DE RE COQUINARIA. The book I have is edited and translated from Latin by Robert Maier. My humble person only translated the.

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Hill, The text is in the public domain. This text has not yet been proofread. If you find a mistake though, please let me know! XFresh Ham and Chap. Sows were slaughtered before they had a litter, or were spayed for the purpose of obtaining the sterile womb. Crush pepper, lovage, with broth, pure wine, adding raisin wine to taste, thicken the sauce with roux and pour doquinaria over the roast.

Enjoy this with a brine sauce and mustard. Ficatumiecur suillum. Ficatum is the origin of the words for liver in several Romance languages: Italian fegatoSpanish higadoFrench foie.

According to the invention of Marcus Apicius, pigs were starved, and the hungry pigs were crammed with dry figs and then suddenly given all the mead they wanted to drink. The violent expansion of the figs in the stomachs, or the fermentation caused acute indigestion which killed the pigs. The livers cquinaria very much enlarged, similar to the cramming dr geese for the sake of obtaining abnormally large livers. This latter method prevailed in the Strassburg District until recently when it was prohibited by law.

I’ve been unable so far to confirm that the cramming of either geese or pigs was prohibited at any time in “the Strassburg District” — i. If you have solid information, drop me a line, of course! Stick figs into the liver by making apertures with the knife or with a needle. It is by no means clear that the liver is meant.

Out of the oven: De at the table: The result was delicious, however, as the flavor of the figs and of the liver were complementary. Ofellae ; apparently the old Roman “Hamburger Steak. Scrape it as thin as a skin and shape it. Crush pepper, lovage, cumin, carraway, silphium, one laurel berry, moistened apici broth; in a square dish place the meat balls and the spices where they remain coqujnaria pickling for two or three days, covered crosswise with twigs.

Then place them in the oven to be roastedwhen done take the finished meat balls out. Crush pepper, lovage, with the broth, add a little raisin wine to sweeten. Cook it, thicken with roux, immerse the balls in the sauce and serve.

The site of ruins only a little less spectacular than Pompeii’s, far less hot and crowded, and a short hour’s commuter train ride from downtown Rome. When done, retire, allow to drip and dry on the gridiron but apicioo that the meat does not harden. Crush pepper, lovage, rush, 1 cumin, adding broth and raisin wine to taste. Place the roulades with this sauce together in a sauce pan ; finish by braising.

When done, retire the roulades and dry them. Serve without the gravy sprinkled with pepper. If too fat remove the outer coquianria. Dumplings; but this formula appears to deal with boneless pork chops, pork roulades or ” filets mignons. When the cutlets are done marinated the pickle is placed on the fire and boiled; the cutlets are put back into this gravy and are finished with crushed pepper, spices, honey, broth, and roux.

When this is done serve the cutlets without the broth and oil, sprinkled with pepper. Aprugineo ; list Ofellae Aprugneaei. Next prepare the following: Summi ; list sumisi. To fry in water is not r.

V Choice Roasts Assaturae 1 1 Tor. De assaturae exquisitae apparatu.

Antique Roman Dishes – Collection

Roasting in the oven is not as desirable as roasting on the spit, universally practised during the middle ages. Coqunaria spit seems to have been unknown to the Romans. It is seldom used today, although we have improved it by turning it with electrical machinery. To me, this looks less like a sauce and more like a marinade, or even a rub, slightly moistened to make it stick.

Heat and bind with roux. Pour this over the roast that is medium coquinnaria, with salt; sprinkle qpicio pepper and serve. The neck piece itself, if you like, is also roasted with spices and the hot gravy is simply poured over at the moment of serving. Perhaps a typographical error for succum. Most of the ingredients are found in the Worcestershire sauce. It is inconceivable how this sauce can be white in color, but, as a condiment and if taken in small quantity, it has our full approval.

The sporadic discoveries of such very subtle and refined methods cf.

LacusCurtius • Apicius, De Re Coquinaria — Book VII

They simply used a greater variety of flavors and aromas than we do today, but there is no proof that spices were used excessively. The great variety of flavors at the disposal of the ancients speaks well for the refinement of the olfactory sense and the desire to bring variety into their fare. Stir well with satury and leeks 2 and tie with roux. Then fill it with the following dressing: Crush pepper, lovage, silphium, anise, ginger, a little rue; fill the paunch with it, not too much, though, leaving plenty of room for expansion lest it bursts while being cooked.

Put it in a pot with boiling water, retire and prick with a needle so that it does not burst. When half done, take it out and hang it into the smoke to take on color; now boil it over again and finish it leisurely.

Next take the broth, some pure wine and a little oil, open the paunch with a small knife. Sprinkle with the broth and lovage; place the pig near the fire to heat it, turn it around in bran or bread crumbs immerse in sprinkle with brine and finish the outer crust to a golden brown. Lister has this formula divided into two; Danneil and Schuch make three different formulas out of it.

The tenderloins are then rolled up to be roasted; tie together, wrap in caul, parboil in oil 2 and broth, and then roast in the oven or broil on the gridiron. Thereupon make dough crumbs of flour and oil 1 lay the dough over or around the ham, stud the top with the pieces of the skin so that they will be baked with the dough bake slowly and when done, retire from the oven and serve.

The figs were retired from the sauce pan long before the meat was done and they were served around the ham as a garnish. At any consequence we partook of a grand dish that no inmate of Olympus would have sneezed at. In Pompeii an inn-keeper had written the following on the wall of his establishment: Ubi perna cocta est si convivae apponitur non gustat pernam linguit ollam aut caccabum.

When we first beheld this message we took the inn-keeper for a humorist and a clever advertiser; but now we are convinced that he was in earnest when he said that his guests would lick the sauce pan in which his hams were cooked. When done skin, glaze the surface with a fire shovel full of glowing coals, spread honey over it, or, what’s better: When it has a nice color, put in a sauce pan raisin wine, pepper, a bunch of rue and pure wine to taste.

When this sauce is done, pour half of it over the ham and in the other half soak specially made ginger bread 3 The remnant of the sauce after most of it is thoroughly soaked into the bread, add to the ham. Properly perhaps, Petasonem ex mustaceis ; cf.

Plainly, we are dealing here with fresh, uncured ham. He has the three foregoing formulae thrown into one. Stew the liver in wine sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve. The soaking of livers in milk is quite common; it removes the offensive taste of the gall. The fact that here attention is drawn to home-made sweet dishes may clear up the absence of regular baking and dessert formulae in Apicius.

The trade of the Dulciarius was so highly developed at that time that the professional bakers and confectioners supplied the entire home market with their wares, making it convenient and unprofitable for the domestic cook to compete with their organized business, a condition which largely exists in our modern highly civilized centers of population today.

When saturated place in the oven to heat but not to dry out; when thoroughly hot retire from oven, pour over some honey, stipple the fruit so that the honey may penetrate, sprinkle with pepper 2 and serve. Aphros is not identified. Perhaps the term stood for Coquinarix Old English Aphricocks or some other African fruit or plant; Lister’s celery is to be rejected on gastronomical grounds.

The above treatment would correspond to that which is given apricots and peaches today. They are peeled, immersed in cream and sweetened with sugar. Apicius’ heating of the fruit in milk is new to us; it sounds good, for it has a tendency to parboil any hard fruit, make it more digestible and reduce the fluid to a creamy consistency.

This looks like a recipe for stewed or candied angelica to me; angelica of course belongs to the celery family, and candied angelica, far from being gastronomically unsuitable, is a frequent ingredient in the great classic French desserts. Piperatum is a xoquinaria prepared with pepper, any spicy dish; the term may here be applied to the bowl in which the porridge is served.

De re coquinaria. Libro de Marco Gavio Apicio. | Sutori

Thereupon spread it out on a pan and when cool cut it into handy pieces like small cookies. Fry these in the apiclo oil, take them out, dip into hot honey, sprinkle with pepper 2 and serve. When congealed sprinkle with pepper and serve. It must be borne in mind, however, that the ancient definition of “custard” is “egg cheese,” probably because of the similarity in appearance and texture. Place it in the oven to let it rise and when one side is done, turn it out into a service platter fold it pour over honey, sprinkle with pepper 3 and serve.

Mel caseum ; Tor. Served raw sliced, with the above dressing, or cooked. The dressing make thus: Sprinkle with pepper and serve. Wanting in the other texts.


Yoursavedplansarelocatedin”MyPictures\BackyardEOS\Plans\”folderbydefault. Load Loadapreviouslysavedcaptureplan. Save Savethecaptureplan. BackYard EOS – how to connect camera & computer – posted in DSLR A PDF Manual for Back Yard EOS would be highly appreciated. Don’t you need to manually focus the star by adjusting the focus rack BackyardEOS doesn’t focus the camera,you have to do that using the.

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BackyardEOS & BackyardNIKON

IfyourPurchaseLicenseKeyConfirmationEmailisnotinyourSpamfolderandithasbeenover24 hourssinceyouplacedyourorderpleasecommunicatewithusimmediatelyat support otelescope. HistogramandScreenStretchArea Theimagehistogramprovidesagraphicalrepresentationofthedistributionofpixelvaluesinthecurrent image,whilethescreenstretchadjustmentgraph[Premium]providestheabilitytoadjustthebrightness andcontrastofthedisplayedimage.

Connectingyourcameratoyourcomputerforthefirsttime Ifthisisthefirsttimeyou areconnectingyourcamerayouyourcomputerpleaseallowampletimeforWindowstocompleteits initialdriversetupbeforestartingtheapplication.

ZoomtoFit default TheZoomtoFitwillresizetheimagetoensureitallfitsnicelyintheallocatedareaintheuser interface. Thepurposeistofacilitateframingasecondsession orpostmeridianflip exactlyasyouroriginal sessionwas.

Dithering ifactivated betweenimages willonlyoccurforimagesoftype”Lights”. MirrorLock optional Selectthe optional MirrorLocksetting inseconds. TheMirrorLockvaluerepresentsthewaittime inseconds betweenmirrorflipupandtheactualstart oftheexposure. Delay optional SettheDelayvalue inseconds whichwillbeusedtodelaythestartofthecaptureplanonceyoupress theStartCapturebutton.

Aperture Optional Theaperturefieldisonlyvisibleifthecameralensisattachedtothecameraandwillcontainall aperturevaluessupportedbytheattachedlens. Pause optional SelectaPausevalue inseconds ,whichwillbeusedtopausethecamerabetweeneachexposure. VerticalBars Theverticalbarsallowsyoutoquicklyvisualizewherethehistogram orimagedata ispeaking.

Backyardeos – Getting Started With Imaging – Stargazers Lounge

The defaultvalueis1 nostacking butyoucanchoosetostackup20frames. Bydefaultthevalueyou seeisbasedontheaverageoftheten 10 lastliveviewimages;youcanincreasethisvalueinthe Settingdialogandseeifittamesdownthebouncingalittlebit. Youmaysettheshutterspeed,exposureduration inseconds ,theISO,andapausevalue defaultisone second betweeneachexposure.

Youdecidethatyouneedacontinualloopoftwotofivesecondexposures dependingonthestarbrightness atthedefaultISOtoallowyoutomanuallyfocusandachieveevenly spaceddiffractions,basedontheimageshowninBackyardEOS. Inotherwords,ifyouadduptheADUvalues lessthebackground insidethe diameter,andoutsidethediameter,youwillgetthesamenumber.

CombinedwithSnap,itallowsyoutotakecontinuousimagesofXduration inseconds withaYpause betweeneachimages. SettingaPausevalueofafewseconds,sayfive 5 seconds,allowsyourto adjustfocusonyourfocuserbeforethenextfocussnapimageistake. PlanetaryCapturePlan Setyourdesiredshutterspeed,usuallyaround1secondorlessbecauseplanets andmoon arevery bright.

Pause optional Usethisfieldifyouwantapause inseconds betweenlooprecordings. Oncetheframespersecondhasbeenestablish usuallywithin5or6seconds theplanetaryrecording takesplace. DriftAlignmentRecordingwillrecord stack intoasingleimagealltheliveviewframescaptured duringtherecording.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


Bucyrus (Caterpillar)Electric drive Bastholes (drills). We also support our customers with all kind of repairs for all electric/electronic control systems on eletric drill. MAKE: Bucyrus. MODEL: 49HR. YEAR: HOURS: 0Hrs Unused. PRICE: POA. ​. 1 UNIT AVAILABLE. ​. CONTACT: Chris Reeves: + 61 SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — From Bucyrus International comes news that one of its 49HR rotary blasthole drills equipped with a.

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Stay ahead of the game with access to the mining industry’s only comprehensive source of breaking news, features and expert insight.

earthmach | Bucyrus 49HR Drill Info

Plant commissioned at Forrestania. Light from Beacon mill to shine again. CP compressors support drilling in India. Mutamba pilot bkcyrus commissioned. Amplats chute upgrade completed.

Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes. Sandvik’s new joint business area. Terex adds deck screens. Aspermont Media is a company registered 49nr England and Wales.

Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned.

Login Here Login or subscribe to access this article. Free daily briefing get newsletter. Remember me Lost password? Mining business intelligence Stay ahead of the game with access to the mining industry’s only comprehensive source of breaking news, features and expert insight.

The latest print issue delivered to your door Unlimited access to MiningMagazine. Beadell wraps up Tucano upgrade The final steps of the Tucano plant upgrade project are complete and fully commissioned Plant 28 NOV Mutamba pilot plant commissioned Industrial minerals 11 DEC More from this Hucyrus. Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment 15 JUN Sandvik’s new joint business area Equipment 17 Bucyris Terex adds deck screens Equipment 02 OCT Amplats chute upgrade completed Transport 30 JUN Staying the coarse Equipment 17 OCT Over any ground Equipment 17 OCT Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment.

Sandvik’s new joint business area Equipment. Terex adds deck screens Equipment.

Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned

Amplats chute upgrade completed Transport. Over any ground Equipment. Login Invalid username or password.


Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Adoro te devote (Bemfica, Antônio Martiniano da Silva). Composition Year, (April). Genre Categories, Sacred cantatas; Cantatas; Religious works; [5 more. Read about Domenico Bartolucci – Adoro te Devote by Ecclesiam Catholicam and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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Capella Sistina – Domenico Bartolucci – Cantica: Dolorosa et lacrimabilis, 4. Alma Redemptoris mater, 5. Ave Rergina caelorum, 6.

Download Domenico Bartolucci Adoro Te Devote MP3

Adoro te devote, 9. Crux fidelis – Panfe lingua, O sacrum convivium, Lorenzo Perosi – Mottetti: Tu es Petrus, O Sanctissima anima, Ave Maris stella, O salutaris Hostia, Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you aoro a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Domenico Bartolucci – Adoro te devote

The artwork, case, and disc are like new. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. See All Buying Options.

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The BSC Babinet Soleil Compensator is constructed from two opposed crystal quartz wedges with a compensating quartz block in optical contact with the. Babinet compensator. 1. BIREFRINGENCE OF MICA USING A BABINET COMPENSATOR; 2. AIM: TO DETERMINE THE BIREFRINGENCE OF. Abstract. Reorientation of the optical elements in a standard experimental setup that utilizes a Babinet compensator to measure the anomalous dispersion of a.

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OSA will be closed for the holidays from 21 December If you require urgent assistance, please contact Customer Service.

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Use of the babinet compensator for anomalous dispersion measurements.

We’ve also updated our Privacy Notice. Click here to see what’s new. Reorientation of the optical elements in a standard experimental setup that utilizes a Babinet compensator to measure the anomalous dispersion of a birefringent medium results in cpmpensator useful trade-off between the intensity and visibility of the polarization fringes produced by the apparatus.

The fringe pattern is analyzed and numerical results are presented that illustrate the nature of the trade-off and its application to measurements near the center of a strong absorption line.

Veerabhadra Rao and T. You do not have subscription access to this journal.

Journal of the Optical Society of America

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Izatt and Louis J. June 15, Published: Not Accessible Your account may give you access. Abstract Reorientation of the optical elements in a standard experimental setup that utilizes a Babinet compensator to measure the anomalous dispersion of a birefringent medium results in a useful trade-off between the intensity and visibility of the polarization fringes produced by the apparatus.

Quantitative birefringence microscopy with collinearly propagating orthogonally polarized beams Sonali Chakraborty, K. References You do not have subscription access to this journal.

Babinet–Soleil compensator

Cited By You do not have subscription access to this journal. Figures 6 You do not have subscription access to this journal.

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Babinet Compensator

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This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided .. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Lexmark C C C C Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Lexmark C C Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc. The laser notice label may be affixed to this printer. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts.

It is divided into the following chapters: General information contains a general description of the printer and the maintenance approach used to repair it. Special tools and ,exmark equipment, as well as general environmental and safety instructions, are discussed.

Some models have internal duplexing, USB-A host ports for flash drives on the operator panel, and an optional sheet Duo Drawer with sheets in the input tray and sheets for the multipurpose feeder. While other USB flash drives have not been tested, and therefore cannot be approved by Lexmark, these products may function if the storage device meets the following qualifications: Cn, Cdn, Cdw Lexmark Cdtn mm Above mm 10 in.

Lexmark Cn, Lexmark Cdn, Cdn with xerographic paper Cn Cdn, Cdw second tray Standard input sources Standard input tray sheet tray sheets sheets The MP feeder runs slower if A5, statement, B5, or envelopes are loaded.

The duplex unit does not support card stock, transparencies, envelopes, or labels. Lexmark transparency part numbers 12A and 12A are supported from the standard tray, manual slot, and the multi-purpose feeder.

Lexmark C540n Service Manual

ssrvice Paper 90 to sdrvice US fed as well as non-recycled paper. However, no blanket statement can be made that all recycled paper will feed well. Before using these types of paper, consult your paper supplier. Diagnostic information Start CAUTION Unplug power cord from the electrical outlet before you connect or disconnect any cable or electronic board or assembly for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer.

Begin ,anual to locate the service error code, user status message, user error message, symptom table, service checks, and diagnostic aids in this chapter to determine the corrective action necessary to repair a malfunctioning printer. When you turn the printer on, it performs a Power-On Self Test. Check for correct POST functioning of the base printer by observing the following: The LED turns on.

Operator panel—display is blank. Close Door Message clears when front cover, right cover, and toner door are closed or securely fastened. The following actions can be taken: HUB, Please Remove The printer Software Error disables all communication to the associated network interface. Try one or more of the following: The cartridge Try one or more of the following: If the problem persists, go Cyan Printhead servo.

If the problem persists, go Magenta Manuall lost motor lock. RAM soldered on Replace the controller board. See Memory Error the board is bad. Replace the controller board. Go to step 2. Properly connect the cables, shield. Check the cable at JSP1 on the Go to step 2. If the printer appears dead but makes a beeping sound, check the operator panel. Make sure the printer is setting on a level, flat surface.

Enter Diagnostics Menu turn the printer off, Go to step 3. Be Contact your next level of Replace the front cover sure the right cover is in place. Turn the printer support. Go to step 6. Check the cable at JCARTB1 for proper connection to the controller board, the cable for pinch points, and the cable or connector for any other damage. Replace one of the following components, and perform a POR before replacing a second component.

Never replace both of the components without performing a POR after installing each one, or the printer will be rendered inoperable: The printer has detected a problem with the controller board, the operator panel assembly cable part of the front cover assemblyor the operator panel assembly if POST does not complete.

The printer emits five beeps, and sticks in a continuous pattern until the printer is turned off. Replace the controller shield.

This symptom may require replacement of one or more CRUs Customer Replaceable Units designated as supplies or maintenance items, which are the responsibility of the customer.

With the customer’s permission, you may need to install a developer toner cartridge or photoconductor unit. Service tip Before troubleshooting any print quality problems, do the following: Print a menu settings page, and check the life status of all supplies. Some background problems can be caused by using rough paper or incorrectly setting the operator panel settings to rough texture when the texture is not rough. Using non-Lexmark toner cartridges may also cause the problem.

Some slick or coated papers may also cause background problems. Some problems occur by running a large amount of graphics in a humid environment. Remove the packing in question removed? Print a document that requires all four colors Replace the developer unit Go to step 3. Check the cartridge contacts.

Lexmark C540n C543dn C544 series service manual download

Change the settings to indicate the correct media. Check the fuser connections on the left and Go to step 3. Properly reconnect or right side of the printer. Replace the developer unit. Print quality—random marks Service tip: The primary cause of random marks is loose material moving around inside the printer and manial to the photoconductor unit, developer roll, or transfer belt.

Replace the imaging unit or the customer menus administrative menus: A solid color page is generally caused by a problem in the high-voltage controller zervice an incorrect high-voltage in the printing process resulting in toner development on the entire photoconductor drum. Error code Color See Go to step 2.

Replace the toner cartridge. Replace the toner meter cycle TMC card. See Replace the controller shield. The Back, Menu, and Stop buttons are located to the left of the display and the navigation buttons are located below the display.

The diagram shows the menus on the operator panel and items available under each menu. Some menu items or values are displayed only if a specific option or feature is installed on your printer. Other menu items may only be effective for a particular printer language. Diagnostic aids Accessing service menus There are different test menus that can be accessed during POR to identify problems with the printer.

Turn the printer off. The Diagnostics menu group contains the settings and operations used while manufacturing and 2. Tray 2 refers to the sheet tray located in the sheet duo drawer. Diagnostics Menu structure When the Diagnostics menu is entered, each Diagnostics main menu item displays on the operator panel. When a diagnostic test is selected from the main menu, a sub menu displays and each individual test displays in the order shown.

Exit Diags This selection exits the Diagnostics Menu. The printer performs a POR, and returns to normal mode. To print the Quick Test page: Print the Quick Test Page on letter or A4 paper.


Prints the Print Alignment Pages and requires that the best line in each set of lines must be selected. On the second page of the latest Quick Test you printed, proceed to Step 2; adjust the left, right, and bow settings. The contents of the Print Test Page vary depending on the media installed in the selected input source. Pages one and two contain a mixture of graphics and text. The remainder of the lexmatk contain only graphics. The test prints on the media in tray 1.

This test may be printed from either the Configuration Menu or the Diagnostics Menu. To run the Button Test: Press each operator panel button, and watch to see if the count of button presses increases by one for each press.

Before you set the duplex top margin, be sure to set the registration. The pages fed through the printer are blank.