Improvising Without Scales by Carl Verheyen. Uploaded by gungfuguy. How to play lead without scales. Learn to play guitar both melodically and intervalically. Book Review: Improvising Without Scales – The Intervallic Guitar book or e- book) is a documentation of Carl Verheyen’s approach to creating. In this remarkable book, Carl Verheyen teaches his philosophy and techniques forimprovising. Rather than hashing out scales, Carl teaches.

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When did you realize you were born to play music and how do you prioritize your time with other priorities? I got my first guitar and lesson on the same withoug my 11 th birthday. My parents had to beg me to stop practicing and do homework or play basketball. So it was more of an issue of prioritizing the time for other things!

Can you tell me more about your early musical interests? Who were your influences and where does your inspiration come from? A few years later, it was Cream and Hendrix, and then all hell broke loose! My approach is this: Scales and improvixing are nothing more than tools to be used to create melodic lines.

Do you have any favorites? How challenging do you find those guitar parts? Back inI auditioned for the part of departing guitarist Roger Hodgson and got the job. The guitar parts are not really very challenging, but the harmony singing is! A lot of inner harmonies to sing while playing distorted bass lines or arpeggiated lines that have nothing to do with your vocal.

Are you still touring with the band? If so, when and where can we catch a live show? We played all the hockey stadiums in Canada last year as well as seven festivals in Europe.


King, but have you ever met or jammed with some of the other living legends like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Improvisnig Santana? My drummer spent 10 years with Santana so I feel I know him personally from all the stories! And I did meet Clapton at a studio here in LA once. King can truly play like B. Tell us about his skill…is he really that withot He has admitted that he never learned to play slide guitar and he does not do much with chords. His huge, gruff singing voice with all that pain and soul juxtaposed against his sweet, clear high voiced tone with that hummingbird vibrato.

Book Review: Improvising Without Scales – The Intervallic Guitar System of Carl Verheyen

My list is at least two pages long! In between are jazz players, acoustic players, blues, rock, bluegrass and country guitarists. You are endorsed by many companies.

Tell us about your decision to endorse Wechter Guitars. I have at least 20 other acoustics for recording, many of them vintage Martins, Gibsons and a few Taylors, but the Wechter is for playing on stage.

How did you begin working with Dean Markley on this project? My gauges are set up to accommodate a floating bridge on a Strat style guitar, but I use them on all my hard tail electrics, too. I have heard your amazing solos. You took the stage and got into a jam session with Reeves Gabrels…what a treat for me! Your solos are quite extensive and complex. What do you enjoy most…playing the popular riffs or getting lost in one of your very involved and intense guitar solos?


Thanks for the very nice compliment! I live for that! Not in terms of my years learning to play. But possibly a career move imprpvising have been to leave behind the lure of the studios earlier and gotten out on the road in my 20s more.

Where are you now and where do you see yourself in the next three years? All my energy is spent on my career as a solo artist, and my hope is that it continues to grow. So that will always be part of the equation.

But teaching is giving and too much of it burns me out. So a balance of writing, practicing, recording and performing seems to work for me. Do you see any female guitarist emerging as a true legend rivaling the great male legends of rock? I need to do some more research on withojt subject because besides Bonnie and, of course, Joni Mitchell, the guitar legends seem to be men.

Learn everything you dig! And the more styles you can play, the more hirable you become. See the trailer below! Home Guys Interview with Carl Verheyen: King and Improvising Without Scales.

Interview with Carl Verheyen: Supertramp, B.B. King and Improvising Without Scales

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