Muslims now make up one-quarter of the population of Brussels, according to a new book published by the Catholic University of Leuven, the. Brussel Eurabia. 4 likes. Interest. Brussel Eurabia. Privacy · Terms. About. Brussel Eurabia. Interest. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. Achter de gesloten deuren van de radicale Islam, Leuven: Van Halewyck, pp. 18 –9. Arthur Van Amerongen () Brussel: Eurabia, Amsterdam: Atlas, p.

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Eurabia Scholars Gather in The Hague | The Brussels Journal

Muslims now make up one-quarter of the population of Brussels, according to a new book published by the Catholic University of Leuven, the top French-language university in Belgium. According to Dassetto, Islam is becoming increasingly visible in Brussels: The book also warns that ultraconservative elements within Islam are increasingly gaining ground in Brussels. Of the many strands of Islam represented in Brussels, Salafism is apparently far and away the most popular.

Salafism, the highly conservative pan-Islamic movement, seeks, among other objectives, to unite the Muslim world under the leadership of a single Caliph, or ruler, who would govern based on Islamic Sharia law.

They began arriving in Belgium in the s as guest workers. Although the guest-worker program was cancelled inmany immigrants stayed and, using family-reunification laws, brought over their families. Today the Muslim community continues to grow through both high birth brusssl and marriage migration. As in the other European countries, the Muslim population in Belgium is young.

Sincethe most popular name in Brussels for baby boys has been Mohammed. The Sharia court is the initiative of a radical Muslim group, Sharia4Belgium. The self-appointed Muslim judges running the court are applying Islamic law, rather than the secular Belgian Family Law system, to resolve disputes involving questions of marriage and divorce, child custody and child support, as well as all inheritance-related matters.


Sharia4Belgium says the court in Antwerp will eventually expand its remit and handle criminal cases as eurabiia.

The Sharia4Belgium group consists of Islamists who are openly committed to bringing everyone living in Belgium — including all non-Muslims — under the submission of Islamic Sharia law. There, Sharia4Belgium issues a threat — in the guise of an invitation — calling for all Belgians to convert to Islam and to submit bruszel Sharia law or face the consequences.

As the text, in parts, states:. The tyranny and corruption in this country [Belgium] has prevailed; we go from one scandal to another: Economic crises, paedophilia, crime, growing Islamophobia, etc. Now we have the right solution for all crises and this is the observance of the divine law, namely Sharia.

We call to implement Sharia in Belgium. In 1, years of the Islamic state we knew only order, welfare and the protection of all human rights. We know that Spain, France and Switzerland knew their best times under Sharia. In these 1, years, women were raped, which is equal to women a day in Europe.

There were barely 60 robberies recorded in 1, years. Save yourself and your children of the painful punishment of the hereafter and grant yourself eternal life in paradise.

A cache of the brusel image for the Sharia4Belgium website has the black flag of jihad flying above the Belgian Parliament. Choudary, who was the leader of a group called Islam4UK before it was banned by British anti-terrorism authorities, believes in the primacy of Islam over all other faiths and has long campaigned for Islamic law to be implemented in all of Britain. In an interview with the Belgian newspaper De Standaard in Bruxsel hereChoudary said he would help launch Sharia4Belgium to prevent Muslim immigrants from integrating into Belgian society: I therefore plan to come to Belgium myself in the coming weeks, or send a delegation to establish a branch eurabiq the organization.


When asked if he wanted to convince Belgians to convert to Islam and to implement Sharia law, Choudary replied: Society will be united by Islam.

The Eurabia Code – Updates | The Brussels Journal

In an interview with the Belgian newspaper De MorganMark Elchardus, one of the authors of the report, said: What is worse is that those anti-Jewish feelings have nothing to do with a low educational level or social disadvantage, which is the case with racist Belgians. The anti-Semitism is theologically inspired and there is a direct link between being Muslim and having anti-Semitic feelings. Follow him on Facebook. Log into your account.

Monday, December 31, Political Islam What America can learn from Austria. Left-wing Lunacy from Democrats brussrl December CigarBox — River Sand.

Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia

The Decline Of America. Home Topics Foreign Affairs Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia.

America Needs A Serious Makeover. The Great Man George Bush.

Brussel: Eurabia

Israel in the Crosshairs…Again. Important officials in the United States, including rurabia Judiciary, Legislative and even the Executive branches of government have not fully appreciated the accumulative effect of political massive migration and intrusion into American sovereignty.

The Decline Of America Dec 29, Firing the first salvo of the American Revolution Aug 9,