From to , the renowned Soviet paper architects Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin created an incredible collection of elaborate etchings depicting. Aleksandr Brodsky and Ilya Utkin have today become known in the Russian art world for their intriguing works of architecture, ranging from. Restricted by the aesthetic limits on architecture in the Soviet Union, Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin imagined the most fantastic cities and.

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Courtesy of Michael Rosenthal Contemporary Art. The pair trained as architects in the Soviet Union during the late s. To find solace, they became part of a small movement known as the Paper Architects, who sought consolation in designs never intended to be built.

See what we can still dream up in your boxes! Yet after a while, Ytkin started to feel awful looking at these etchings. Brodsky and Utkin faced paper shortages and numbered some of the editions higher than the quantity actually printed in hopes of someday finding enough sheets to print the entire run. Because of the rareness of copper plates, the pair adopted a dense engraving style that allowed them to work for years on one plate.


But I brodaky saw talented, good-humored utkkin cooped up in concrete boxes, unable to do the work for which they were trained. They read brodxky like a ton of bricks that somebody carried for a long, long time.

The imagination can provide refuge, the work says, but not escape. The text scrawled in pseudo-archaic font in the images bottom corner reads:. A real traveler must be ready to everything during his journey. The bridge between two islands is invisible but utkon. Walking along it in calm and crossing the conventional boundary the traveller sic feels himself on the real boundary between the sky and the ocean.

Alexander Brodsky

Like their traveler, Brodsky and Utkin perhaps wanted to believe that they too could transcend the need for physical structure. On the blog secretplans. True to the tradition of paper architecture, the project went to utki else.

Brodsky and Utkin are not working together anymore. They split up as a team in Ilya Utkin keeps busy with designs for the ballet and lovely melodramatic architectural photography.

Alexander Brodsky has since secured generous budgets to do installation work. InBrodsky transformed the Canal Street Subway station in New York into a Venetian canal, complete with shadow puppets, gondolas and a gently lapping shallow wave pool the length of the station.


the paper architecture of brodsky & utkin

I am still kicking myself for missing this. The installation was by all accounts elaborate, but the effect was fleeting, dreamlike. This is what he wanted from the etchings.

This is what I wanted from the etchings. But to see them only as fantastic and whimsical, missing the veil of suffering brossky which they come wrapped, is to deny these artists the dignity of their struggle, and their work its more complex testimony of resistance.

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