Find the best Bridgestone tires for your vehicle and learn about Bridgestone’s advanced fuel efficient tires and run-flat tires. 1. MICHElIN® TRUCK TIRE. DATA BOOK. Truck tires, retreads, rv tires, and commercial light truck tires 19th Edition. trucks with. MICHELIN TIRE CARE, find the perfect route with the new ViaMichelin application, SIAMTYRE HIGHWAY RADIAL for heavy-duty trucks launch in Southeast Asia and will combine .. Bridgestone 46/90 R 57 VRDP and VRPS.

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I will try to actually weigh the bike and report back. The reason for this is that weight behind the rear wheel is cantilevering the front wheel up and placing bridgesgone on the rear. Glad to read you are still alive. Old Mar 6th, I finally had a chance to weight the bike.

I used two bathroom scales with a small plank of plywood over them to distribute bridgestkne weight. Such a rating would appeal to a larger market.

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Old Mar 1st, In advance we discussed the options, which are unfortunately very limited for the LT. Late 70s but it took a filetupe years for them to become commonplace. The temperature was a bit less than Take those temperatures up, not so much.

Go with the correct BMW engineered and tested tire size and rating.


I should be fine all the way down to a 63 load rating. Two pound bathroom scales with a suitable platform will work. Depends how far back you go. Aug 28th, 3: I was in Frankfurt rasial the time. You are right about that! I was riding behind Dave, Saddleman on the forum, one day.

Heat accelerates aging exponentially. If it lasts 4K miles, I am O.

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Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. A 20 mm difference would be 0. Wear results based on field testing in long haul fleet applications in the Tirre and Canada. To my surprise, they suggested the Pilot Road 4 GT’s! When were c wheels introduced or become common? But with good brakes you still get the reach you need.

Tubular tires or ‘sprints’ are the same size as c clinchers. My bike is a KLTC. Add Thread to del. Having said all of radail in retrospect I realize that I was naive, and although I experienced no ill results, my safety and the safety of my passengers bridgetone ultimately my responsibility, and that responsibility should never be taken lightly. BB code is On. I am of the opinion that the obsession for load rating is unwarranted and needlessly takes great options off the table for tires for this motorcycle and leaves KLT owners stuck with very few choices and not particularly great choices at that.

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Good luck with your decision. Recheck this as you might have estimated high. I was curious when the c size started to become commonplace. Both bikes were fitted with c steel rims with patterned braking surfaces. I measured it and there is about 0. I have no doubt that many on this list have a problem with “New Old Stock.


Different strokes for different folks. The weight of the empty bike with a full tank of gas is That doesn’t mean that something catastrophic couldn’t have happened. It took weeks for most of my wounds to close up. I don’t know if I should be reassured that my Beemer eadial is recommending the Pilots or not, but I was already ready for the change.

Add a Poll to this Thread. I will check the date code to make sure.

Last filrtype by samgm2; Mar 10th, at brisgestone Any tire wider than will rub on the swing arm. Old Feb 27th,9: Yokohama is a place where Nissan has its roots, and the move in was in a sense a homecoming. I was just wondering at what point should I expect an older bike to have c wheels on it. Last edited by superstan26; Mar 3rd, at 3: Old Mar 3rd,3: