A Stereophile Essential Component, Loaded with Patented Technology: AudioQuest Gibraltar Speaker Cables Deliver Astounding Purity, Clarity, Definition. AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. Hell all I am looking to try some audioquest speaker cables CV8/Rockefellers or Gibraltar’s Aug 17, I did not had Audioquest for a long time on my radar.

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AudioQuest Gibraltar Speaker Cables user reviews : out of 5 – 6 reviews –

Recording of August AQ ends are either a dull looking gold or silver because these metals are plated directly over the connector. With denser arrangements, however, where the images were more crowded together, the Anacondas’ big sound could occasionally work against it. Currently I have aq Mont Blanc and I am very very happy.

It is vastly smaller than differences among speakers. Bonus Recording of November Recording of June Audience’s Au24 is midway between the two. In full orchestral crescendos, for example, or wall-of-sound rock records, the images would sometimes run together and tumble on top of one another, as if competing for space at the leading edge of a slightly too forward soundstage.

By maintaining a 36 volt dielectric-bias, far above the voltage of delicate audio signals, the DBS system provides considerably better transparency and dynamics than is possible even from a cable in continuous use.


The dual spiral construction of Gibraltar allows for significantly better dynamic contrast and information intelligibility than if the same conductors were run in parallel.

Came across tnt audio on the net, They have a DIY section on cables. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. The question is will it fit into the system by your taste. With MusicDirect’s return policy Gkbraltar suppose I can try them out and see, though as noted by Mike above, I’m not sure how audible the difference ought to be.

AudioQuest Gibraltar Speaker Cables

My son is using it in his system, he preferred Kimber 8TC but need a 10Ft pair so I swapped cabled from my office system with him. The Gibraltar’s you mentioned are on sale, but I think you still might get a better deal going used. Well, MusicDirect screwed gjbraltar and did not have the 10′ Rocket 44 in stock, gibarltar the order was cancelled.

It takes a couple of weeks for the DBS system to reach maximum performance.

Used Audioquest Gibraltar Speaker cables for Sale |

A sophisticated combination of extraordinary materials and extremely refined design lets Gibraltar… to equally honor all types of music. BTW, I am also considering taking advantage of that deal at Music Direct, but I’m in the process of moving and can’t audition any cables now. Hate to have to lay out that much, but I’m not sure there’s any better approach.

For starters, the Gibraltar is what AudioQuest calls a “double-quad helix” configuration. It’s not the fact that it is inexpensive it just sounds in a different class. I do not know for this audioquesf cable I have not had a chance to listen toI guess that ‘s good.


However, even when those variables auddioquest kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly effect the sound. A combination of these major ingredients, and many more subtle details add up to explain how even a reasonably priced cable like Gibraltar can sound so good.

The sonic benefit is exactly the same reduction in hash and better dimensionality that comes whenever RF garbage is reduced in an audio circuit. Create new account Request new password. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. They make custom cables for a decent price. Lester BestApr 26, AgitaterApr 26, Six Suites for Viola Solo.


He is using it a Marantz integrated amp, oppo 95 and Pioneer speakers. Since DBS battery packs are attached when Gibraltar cables are first terminated, Gibraltar will be approaching or at peak performance by the time it is installed in your system.

So have fun, but be sure to keep your priorities straight, and also to try before you buy!