XE. XZE. XE. XZE. Industrial Label Printer | X-Series. dpi. dpi. Trusted Dependability, Quality Assured. Getting Started. Congratulations on choosing the Argox Xellent Series (X-Series) Enter Printer name (i.e. Argox X PPLB) and select “do not share this. ARGOX X is ideal for applications that require small labels or textile media. Provides greater productivity.

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ARGOX X Label Printer

Peel-off mode peels backing material away from the label as it prints. Figure 1 Figure 2 94 Dispenser Installation Install a dispenser into the printer as follows: For labels with gaps, label sensor can be positioned wherever media locates. Need to reboot the system.

The printer feeds inches of blank labels. Changing Settings From The Panel Please check Argox sales representative for most updated specifications. Centronics allows a much higher communication speed than serial. For unstable ribbon roll rotation, check the label path and make sure the head latch is securely closed. Load media and ribbon. Figure 5 5 26 Notes: FEED Press to show next parameter. Turn off the printer, connect the keyboard and then turn on the printer.

For example, the first option of print modes is thermal transfer. Press the FEED button for the next language. Insert the left side of dispenser bracket and secure the three screws to the Ragox module. The ribbon shaft has its user-friendly feature to allow users to adjust the tension of ribbon shaft by rotating the knob. Printer performs Auto Calibration after printing the first label, if label height differs from parameters in printer’s flash. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.


Print Head Print Line Position Serial rs Port These include pin assignments, protocols and detailed information about how to properly interface your printer with your host or terminal. The adjusting portions for two hex afgox screw locks marked in Fig. If the printer supports Plug-and-Play, and you have successfully connected it using a USB cable, then the Windows Add Hardware Wizard will automatically detect the printer and display a dialog that allows you to install a driver.

Figure A Figure B Once the printouts as above appear, the possible cause may be the unequal positions of Ribbon Bracket, which needs to be adjusted properly to make its heights equally the same at both sides.

ARGOX X-3200

The X industrial barcode printer features dpi printing for high quality text and graphics on fabric labels, safety labels and labels for small items such as jewelry. Turn the head latch counter-clockwise and open the bracket. Insert the media into the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Make a artox file for the form, KBD.

Do argoxx wipe back and forth, to avoid dust or dirt on cleaning cotton would be attached onto print head again. Connecting The Power Cord For additional printer settings.

The sample steps below are based on ribbon wound ink-side in as an example.

Argox X-3200

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8. It also badly handles the situation where a printer driver is already in use by a Windows application. If the test print appears as Figure A, remain the screw at the right of Ribbon Bracket fixed, then loose the screw at the left, and gradually fine-tune upward, until the print quality gets improved. If you use direct thermal, set with panel, Windows driver or command.


After the cutter is installed, install media and ribbon. Turn the pick-up spindle to ensure the ribbon is tightly wound. Without media calibration, printer may detect labels with less accuracy, especially for small labels less than 1. Insert the left side of cutter bracket 7 and secure the two screws 6 to the print module. Print a test page to check print quality.

These indicators display operation status of the printer. Related Products Read More. Select next function setting. Ribbon Tension Adjustment Figure aryox Figure 2 93 Guillotine Cutter with Paper Jam If there is paper jam inside guillotine cutter, check in Figure 1 and find where the screw under guillotine cutter.

Warranty of print heads x-320 be void if print head serial number is removed, altered, defected, or made illegible, under every circumstance. If there are any items missing, please contact your local dealer.