Amillennialism, dispensational premillennialism, historic premillennialism, postmillennialism, preterism. These are difficult words to pronounce and even harder. In a clear and accessible manner, Kim Riddlebarger presents and defends amillennialism—the belief that the millennium is a present reality. A Case for Amillennialism has ratings and 71 reviews. Brent said: An excellent and timely book, as the second edition/printing was just released last.

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Riddlebarger will help and encourage Christians both to understand the real teaching of the Bible and to appropriate the blessing of this truth. He dismantles postmillennialism and raises some problems for premillennialism.

A good introduction to amilleniallism, especially for someone from a dispensational background.

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Answers to Questions About Eschatology–Archives 3. He is cohost of the popular White Horse Inn weekly radio program sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

View all 3 comments. Riddlebarger opens the book by providing an overview of the different key eschatological positions. I’m still learning of course, but if you are looking for a book that deals honestly with all sides of this debate and gets to the heart of the issue this would be a great book for you to read. This gave him a unique and familiar perspective of a “fellow traveler” that even those raised in amillennialism don’t have.

Kim Riddlebarger and his Idealist position cannot account for the language found in the Discourse, nor can a Futurist position. Emphasizing the continuity of the covenants, and two-age model present age and age to comethe kingdom of God which is a present reality inaugurated and will be fully made manifest in the age to come consummatedwe learn that Christ is reigning now with the elect saints from heaven.

Sermons on the Book ffor Judges pdf. Venema, author of The Promise of the Future. To order from Baker the publisher Click here: The Mark of the Beast.

Riddleblog – A Case for Amillennialism – Understanding the End

s A clear and concise study of the views of eschatology. His arguments are very, very good and very convincing. If you are premillennial A succinct and helpful introduction to what Riddlebarger argues is the ‘Historic Reformed Protestant’ understanding of the millennial reign of Christ in Revelation 20 Amillennialism. Riddlebarger interprets many passages in the NT which I believe pertain to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD as about the end of the world.


While I am sure amillenialism has some holes in its own eschatolog I have never really had an understanding of other eschatological beliefs other than premillenialism so I decided to challenge my own beliefs and picked this up. Rather, reading Riddlebarger’s explanations of Amilldnnialism and critiques of other positions, I appreciate the fact that he recognizes that Dispensationalists are serious about interpretati Let me first say that I’m writing this from the perspective of a former Dispensationalist that was bible college-trained in that theology.

Kim Riddlebarger To order from Christianbook. Recognizing that eschatology–the study of future things–is a complicated and controversial subject, Riddlebarger begins with definitions of key terminology and an overview of various viewpoints and related biblical themes.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger

Jul 27, James Ruley rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is divided into 4 parts. The same amillrnnialism is also made on pages 11, 19, 82, 87, in spite of the fact that Revelation He also does a good job of summarizing opposing views and what their hypothetical rebuttals would be. Riddlebarger does an exception job of not only explaining why other esc A very clear explanation of all of the broad categories of eschatology, going through the reasoning behind each of the view points, using scriptural backing, and explaining potential problems that arise from each interpretation.

Finally, he evaluates the main problems facing each of the major millennial positions dispensational premillennialism, historic premillennialism, postmillennialism, and preterism and cautions readers to be aware of the consequences amilpennialism each view. Also quite disappointing, considering this book is often put forth as the best defense for amillennialism.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

Books I’ve Written and Published Essays. I considered myself Amill before reading this book, but now I find myself to be very convinced. Riddlebarger along with other amil theologians seem pained to place the millennial reign of Christ amillenniallism the intermediate state rather than here on earth. Satan is bound even as we are to bind the Strong Man, as Christ made a spectacle of all the powers, crushing them under foot as the Gospel now goes forth.


I agree with him on several things, but I feel he severely eisegetes the Olivet Discourse pg.

Amillennarians believe that the millennium is a present reality centered in Christ’s heavenly reign, not a future hope of Christ’s rule on earth after his return. My only qualm was that the criticisms of other views, while logically valid, are often hard to grasp. Scripture Index for A Case for Amillennialism. This Generation will certainly not pass away until all these things take place. Third, he picks the key passages that speak into the issue: One of my professors found this to be a good read, so I picked it up.

To order from Amazon. Overall, a fine book on the topic.

Ask A Question About Eschatology. Sermons on the Book of Jude. Notes on the Canons of Dort First Head. Rather he challenges the premillennial position by going to the root: Kim’s work guides the reader through understanding basic features of eschatology, both Old and New Testament passages, and then extensive commentary on the chief passages i.

This inaccurate name for the doctrine is the main reason why I and probably most other Christians have dismissed it. Helpful resource on this topic, even if it’s not a subject that thrills me to study. Continue reading about Kim Riddlebarger.

Sermons on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans pdf. He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the aamillennialism birth; however, he still tries to make this mesh caxe an amillennial reign that is restricted to the intermediate state Apr 02, Troy Solava rated it it was amazing.

Sermons Preached at Christ Reformed Church. A Case for Amillennialism: